Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Saturday

Hammad's grandpa -picture taken by Hammad-

Hammad's grandma

Hammad's mom -my honey-


small river

house n car

a happy boy at his grandpa village

hammad, bridge n river

My parent's house

Hammad and his grandma

Hammad and his grandpa- only one round-

After almost two years without weekend -I work seven days per week-, I have my own free and easy day, Saturday. My wife agree to take my class on Saturday, and she started it since last week. Now I have a day which I can relax and do anything I want. Last year I worked like others on Sunday to Thursday -office hours-, had 2 classes on Friday and another class on Saturday, it was like work a whole week... No more Saturday Class... Thanks Honey... -In fact, the Saturday Class is only for another five weeks, then both of us can enjoy our free and easy Saturday together-.

In the evening, we went to my parent's house. My parent were unwell recently and I worry about their health. Anyway they looked great this evening and I hope their health will be better soon. I took some pictures the using my new PDA to share with my readers.


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