Monday, February 2, 2009

I started making money on line since November last year. I didn't make a lot of money here. It's just a hobby, writing to improve my English, and as a bonus I get paid some time to write about a blog or a site. Not a bad hobby. Now I start to spent on line. There are a lot of shopping centre here, but my favorite one is

The different between and another shopping centre on line is ShopWiki is not only an ordinary shop. It is a directory for the on line shopper. I just return from their clothing for men area. First thing that I saw there was Clothing For Men Buying Guide. There are many useful article there. Then I went deeper to the mens T-Shirts area -my favorite area-. There are many choices for you there. You can search and narrow the result within the price, the brand and/or even the color. You can compare the prices between the stores and make your final decision. The another favorite page for me there is outerwear like leather jacket, overcoat etc..

To buy from, you have to register first. But don't worry because it cost you nothing. It's absolutely free, and you have the chance to win iPod Nano. You have nothing to lose there.