Monday, February 9, 2009


P168C PDA Phone
OneStation Elite

I bought the new phone for myself, CECT P168C iFone Tri-Band PDA Phone and OneStation Elite for Hammad on January 20 via DealExtreme.- I will buy a new digital camera for my wife soon IN SYA ALLAH-. Today I receive an email from telling that they had shipped my stuffs. I know the reason why they took to much time ( 20 days ) before shipping my gadget. I bought my phone just three days before Chinese New Year Celebration from the Hong Kong's company, so I have to be patient. I hope to receive my new phone in 10 days.
Now I confuse about tax. Would the government charge me anything for the stuff? I hope no tax payment for that phone, but I have to wait and see. Just hope -and pray- no tax payment. Another thing is about the phone. I curious if the phone will work nicely as they claim. I saw a good reviews for the phone, but we cannot believe everything here. Just hope and hope again. I will write about my new experience making purchasing through internet -using my making money on line- soon after receiving my stuff.
DealExtreme is one of the 'shopping centre' in the blogosphere. There are many company like DealExtreme here, but I chose DealExtreme for two reasons, the price and free shipment. I tried another company before, but the shipment payment was too expensive. I just hope -another hoping- they are good as the reviews from their costumers. You can visit them here.


Anonymous said...

bestla hp baru..tapi pda sensitif sket us..jaga cermat xdok masalah la..