Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm quite busy nowadays, preparing for my first Try And Test Give Away Project. I hope to launch it by 15 March, by the way 31 March is my date line target. I will give anybody who subscribe my list hundreds of FREE PLR, MRR and RR product -e-books, software, applications etc-, valued thousands of USD. One of my friends told me that I was out of my mind giving these stuffs, which I spent more than 6 months collecting from the Internet. My answer in simple, if I cannot take benefit from these stuffs, let others take it. (of course I got a lot of new knowledge from these product, but maybe you can get more benefit than me).

You can get these FREE stuff anywhere in the Internet, but the biggest problem is you have to subscribe to the site's list, and you will get one product only -usually-. That what I did in the past six months. You have another choice if you need to download huge product. You can be a paid membership site's member and have to pay from USD20-USD100 monthly.

If you like to download these FREE stuffs, don't forget to come back on 15 March. Maybe I will very busy for the project, but I will give a brief up date in this blog every 2-3 days. You have another option if you don't want to be in my list. I will tell about it the day I launch it.

P.S- Of course I'm not the writer of these stuff. I need another ten years to write a book which have market value...
P.S.S - PLR (you can do almost everything to the product, change it, claim that you are the writer, sell it or just give it free like what I will do), MRR (you cannot change the product, but you can sell it or just give it away), RR (like MRR, but the third party have no right to sell it or give it away)
P.S.S.S - One of my on-line mentor said : only 5% will take the action, the others will just wait and see, I want to be among the 5%...


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