Monday, February 16, 2009

Didn't sleep for two nights (Part 2)

As I promised, I will tell you why I didn't sleep on Saturday's night. My family and I went to my wife's parent on Saturday. We returned to our home sweet home at 10 pm. Then I started to up load the auto responder etc tools to my new making money on line site. This time I used FileZilla and everything went so smooth.

Then here come the big challenge. I had to make a video presentation for my Institute after that. Usually I only spent two hours to make a 10 minutes video, but this time was different. The video is about our new student's programme in their first week in IQ Terengganu. My first problem was to edit 'terrible' video taken by my students. They like to take the video when they were walking and they like to play with the zoom. It was very hard to me to chose the right part to take from the video. From 40 minutes video, I only can take about 4 minutes. This is a hard work...

Then I used my ULEAD VIDEO STUDIO 8.0 (The latest one is 11.0) for the first time with my new laptop. Here come the biggest problem. I can install the program and use without any problem but when I want to make the final touch -sharing as a VCD file-, it did not work at all. I tried to reinstall and did the same thing again -in the previous time this will resolve the problem-, but no, it not working at all. I don't know the reason. My old laptop using Windows XP, and this one using Vista, but I don't think this is the reason. I tried again and again until I hear the Fajr azan. Oh my God. I didn't sleep again. For the second night.

Fortunately, one of my co-worker friends, Hakim made his own video for the ceremony. So everything was running like the schedule yesterday, on our ceremony to celebrate our new students. Thanks to Mr Hakim, and others too who work very hard for this.

The story about our new student -THE 21 Gen- soon IN SYA ALLAH.