Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easy Saturday

Hammad's grandpa -picture taken by Hammad-

Hammad's grandma

Hammad's mom -my honey-


small river

house n car

a happy boy at his grandpa village

hammad, bridge n river

My parent's house

Hammad and his grandma

Hammad and his grandpa- only one round-

After almost two years without weekend -I work seven days per week-, I have my own free and easy day, Saturday. My wife agree to take my class on Saturday, and she started it since last week. Now I have a day which I can relax and do anything I want. Last year I worked like others on Sunday to Thursday -office hours-, had 2 classes on Friday and another class on Saturday, it was like work a whole week... No more Saturday Class... Thanks Honey... -In fact, the Saturday Class is only for another five weeks, then both of us can enjoy our free and easy Saturday together-.

In the evening, we went to my parent's house. My parent were unwell recently and I worry about their health. Anyway they looked great this evening and I hope their health will be better soon. I took some pictures the using my new PDA to share with my readers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Handphone (plus Hammad's OneStation)

Hammad's OneStation

My PDA phone

I should write this posting on Monday, when I receive my phone and Hammad's OneStation from DealExtreme, but quite busy here. My father called me on Sunday, telling me that he receive the stuff from Hong Kong. I told him about my phone and Hammad's toy. He just scared some one try to 'scam' me. You know, nowadays many scammers on our planet. (I'm scare too)

As I promised, I will answer to my own questions :

1- Did the custom charge me anything?
No, no tax on my stuff. Thanks to our custom.

2- Did the stuff work properly?
Of course -for now-. Hammad was very happy with his toy. He plays with it everyday from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm (This is our law, he can play at that time only, after that he have to learn IQRA', he is in the end of IQra'2 now, and make his homework - a 4 years old boy have homework???). I cannot opened my battery's cover first, but wife did it, then we have problem to unlock the phone, no instruction in the guide book, but then everything is well...

Now I have to fulfill my promise. I will buy a digital camera for my wife. Unfortunately, I used all my paypal money to buy RC, so I will buy it of-line, as soon as possible. So it's a phone for me, a 'big toy' for Hammad and a digital camera for my lovely honey... soon IN SYA ALLAH.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you read my latest posting, you knew that I’m at my first step to the serious making money on line. In fact I’m not that serious. What I mean is I will use more serious method to make money. All of this drives me to the new world. Last Friday was an amazing day for me. I set up my own web site, using my own domain and have my own account for the hosting. I didn’t regret to buy Rahsia ClickBank because of the knowledge I got from it. Don’t forget: Knowledge is priceless.

I don’t know anything about server before, or the routers. But today I know what people talk about in this field, at least the basic. When surfing the internet searching about all of this, I visited many sites. One of them, attract me more than others. They offer their services for the networking, telecommunication, server equipment, and service for IBM, Avaya, HP, Nortel and Cisco Systems.

If you like to buy the servers product, you can get it here. They offer various products from Dell, HP/Compaq, Senece Data and other company. You can choose any product from their page. For the networking security, their products are the country’s most widely purchased product for protecting valuable data.

For more information about, you can click here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Didn't sleep for two nights (Part 2)

As I promised, I will tell you why I didn't sleep on Saturday's night. My family and I went to my wife's parent on Saturday. We returned to our home sweet home at 10 pm. Then I started to up load the auto responder etc tools to my new making money on line site. This time I used FileZilla and everything went so smooth.

Then here come the big challenge. I had to make a video presentation for my Institute after that. Usually I only spent two hours to make a 10 minutes video, but this time was different. The video is about our new student's programme in their first week in IQ Terengganu. My first problem was to edit 'terrible' video taken by my students. They like to take the video when they were walking and they like to play with the zoom. It was very hard to me to chose the right part to take from the video. From 40 minutes video, I only can take about 4 minutes. This is a hard work...

Then I used my ULEAD VIDEO STUDIO 8.0 (The latest one is 11.0) for the first time with my new laptop. Here come the biggest problem. I can install the program and use without any problem but when I want to make the final touch -sharing as a VCD file-, it did not work at all. I tried to reinstall and did the same thing again -in the previous time this will resolve the problem-, but no, it not working at all. I don't know the reason. My old laptop using Windows XP, and this one using Vista, but I don't think this is the reason. I tried again and again until I hear the Fajr azan. Oh my God. I didn't sleep again. For the second night.

Fortunately, one of my co-worker friends, Hakim made his own video for the ceremony. So everything was running like the schedule yesterday, on our ceremony to celebrate our new students. Thanks to Mr Hakim, and others too who work very hard for this.

The story about our new student -THE 21 Gen- soon IN SYA ALLAH.

Didn't sleep for two nights

I didn't sleeps for two nights. On Friday at 11.30 pm, I receive an e-mail telling me that my hosting was ready to use. I started to set up my own site immediately. I made a very big mistake. I went to my cpanel (first time hearing about cpanel) and discovered what in it. Then I started to up load my files to my own hosting. I did it manually. Anybody who know how to set up a site will laugh at me -I think-. I spend about 3 hours up loading my files. Then I opened my site, but disappointed because it was not working well. No images. Then I realised I have to put the right files into the right folder. I Created the folders and moved the files to the right folders and I did it at cpanel... again, manually. If you want to laugh, just laugh, I don't hear you... At the end of the road I was very proud with myself because I did it. My site is working properly. You can visit it here.

After spending about more than 4 hours, I read the instructions in the e-book, Rahsia ClickBank (The Secret of The ClickBank) and found about FileZilla. Thera are a simple way to up load the files, but I did the hard one just because I didn't read the instructions first. - I used the FileZilla to up load the auto responder etc tools on Saturday's night, and it is too easy, very very easy and just in minutes-.

I didn't sleep for another night, Saturday's night. I will talk about that in my next posting. Two nights without sleeping is my own record - after marriage-. Now I have flu, and last night I sleep like a baby...

Friday, February 13, 2009




If you can choose any country to visit for a week, which one will you choose? For me, Canada is on the top list. I want to visit Canada because of many reasons: I have many relatives there -in fact I have relatives in many places in this world-, Canada is a very beautiful country and John Chow -you know John Chow if you a money maker by blogging-.

Of course Vancouver will be my first city to visit if I'm at Canada. Vancouver has the idyllic beaches with the clean air and a wide range of natural and cultural attractions. For the accommodation, Cheap Vancouver Hotels is the right place to visit on-line before you make your journey there. They have the list of the hotels in Vancouver, and the cool review to help you make decision which one is the best value for you. They also offer the last minute deal and pre booked discounts to make you vacation more memorable.

Another cities that I wish to visit is Toronto and Montreal. Cheap Toronto Hotels will guide you to the suitable hotel at Toronto while Cheap Montreal Hotels do the same job for you at Montreal. Make sure you have book the hotel before any journey for you convenient vacation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rahsia ClickBank

Setelah hampir setahun tidak membuat posting dalam Bahasa Melayu, saya melakukannya pada hari ini. Sebabnya saya sangat teruja. Menulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris menyeronokkan, banyak perkara baru yang saya pelajari setiap hari. Namun pasti tulisan saya 'tak sampai ke hati'. Banyak perkara yang ingin saya tulis tak dapat saya tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Posting saya hari ini memerlukan saya 'menulis dari hati'.

Jika anda biasa dengan blog saya, anda pasti tahu saya telah 'membuat wang on-line' semenjak bulan Oktober. Tak banyak pun. Lebih kurang USD150 sebulan. OK la untuk buat 'duit saku'. Sebenarnya minat 'buat duit on-line' dicetuskan oleh sahabat saya, Ustaz Syamsul. Saya bernasib baik ada blog yang boleh buat review berbayar, dapatlah seposen dua, tapi saya percaya 'buat duit on line' lebih berkesan dengan program Affiliate. Semenjak 4 bulan lepas saya habiskan banyak masa on-line saya dengan mempelajari berkenaan program affiliate, khasnya berkaitan ClickBank. Saya percaya ramai jutawan buat duit kat sana. Laporan Technorati juga mengesahkan betapa ramai orang membuat pendapatan lumayan secara on-line. Berbilion USD urusniaga dan tidak mustahil akan mencecah trillion USD.

Seperti insan lain, saya juga berminat buat kerja sampingan. Masalahnya banyak kerja yang melibatkan pemasaran dan berhubung terus dengan orang. Mungkin secara on-line lebih mudah untuk saya. Apabila melihat duit masuk melalui paypal saya awal November -bayaran untuk Oktober-, saya tambah bersemangat. Saya mula mendownload e-book percuma, lebih kurang 50 e-book yang saya download setakat ini -mungkin lebih-, sebahagiannya mempunyai bahan yang sama yang diolah dalam pelbagai bentuk. Walaupun percuma, saya mendapat banyak penerangan mengenai bagaimana sisten berfungsi, dan hanya menunggu masa untuk bertindak - hanya 5 peratus yang akan bertindak, 95 peratus macam saya, tunggu dan lihat-

Walaupun boleh membaca dalam BI -tujuan blog ini untuk membaiki BI saya-, saya masih belum percaya kebolehan saya sepenuhnya. Saya menunggu produk dalam Bahasa Melayu. Akhirnya saya terjumpa produk yang saya impikan, panduan lengkap berkaitan ClickBank dalam Bahasa melayu. Lagi best siap dengan tamplate untuk landing page. Memang boleh buat duit tanpa laman kita sendiri, tetapi kesemua 'pakar-pakar' dalam bidang ni mencadangkan kita ada laman sendiri. Upah buat laman bukannya mudah, boleh ambil yang percuma, tetapi tidak sesuai untuk landing page ni. Akhirnya saya buat keputusan : kalau tak cuba, kita tidak akan tahu. Saya beli produk tersebut semalam, download e-book -kandungannya seperti yang saya harapkan-, download lagi template2 yang telah disediakan, beli domain :, dapatkan hosting percuma untuk 6 bulan (sebahagian dari pakej) dan hanya menunggu masa untuk bermula. Dayung sudah ada di tangan. Lautan luas terbentang di hadapan. Pelayaran ke alam 'buat duit on-line sebenar' akan bermula bila-bila masa. Saya sedar pengembaraan ini bukan mudah. Dalam perniagaan tidak ada jalan singkat. Saya mesti berusaha. Maklumat asas yang ada satakat ini diharap mampu membimbing saya berdayung menuju arah yang betul.

Rahsia Clickbank adalah produk yang sesuai untuk saya, orang baru dalam dunia ini. Saya berbangga menggunakan produk tempatan. Domain Name juga menggunakan produk tempatan. Saya membelanjakan USD63 untuk Rahsia ClickBank, dan USD12 untuk domain, jumlah USD75, tidak besar untuk mencuba, lebih-lebih duit yang digunakan itu saya dapat juga melalui on-line. Saya juga dapat diskaun USD23, jadi untuk satu produk seumpama Rahsia ClickBank dengan USD 52 melalui duit yang saya dapat secara on-line, saya berbaloi.

Anda boleh dapatkan Rahsia ClickBank di sini. Tawaran saya, saya akan menghadiahkan anda RM60 jika anda membeli melalui link saya setelah saya mendapat bayaran saya (berkongsi ganjaran). Sila e-mail ana di badinji at gmail dot com. Jangan bimbang jika anda orang baru. Saya juga orang baru. Setelah membaca e-book yang didownload, saya rasa semua orang yang ada asas komputer boleh melakukannya.

Monday, February 9, 2009


P168C PDA Phone
OneStation Elite

I bought the new phone for myself, CECT P168C iFone Tri-Band PDA Phone and OneStation Elite for Hammad on January 20 via DealExtreme.- I will buy a new digital camera for my wife soon IN SYA ALLAH-. Today I receive an email from telling that they had shipped my stuffs. I know the reason why they took to much time ( 20 days ) before shipping my gadget. I bought my phone just three days before Chinese New Year Celebration from the Hong Kong's company, so I have to be patient. I hope to receive my new phone in 10 days.
Now I confuse about tax. Would the government charge me anything for the stuff? I hope no tax payment for that phone, but I have to wait and see. Just hope -and pray- no tax payment. Another thing is about the phone. I curious if the phone will work nicely as they claim. I saw a good reviews for the phone, but we cannot believe everything here. Just hope and hope again. I will write about my new experience making purchasing through internet -using my making money on line- soon after receiving my stuff.
DealExtreme is one of the 'shopping centre' in the blogosphere. There are many company like DealExtreme here, but I chose DealExtreme for two reasons, the price and free shipment. I tried another company before, but the shipment payment was too expensive. I just hope -another hoping- they are good as the reviews from their costumers. You can visit them here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We face the new phenomena nowadays, overload information. We can search for any information easily on line, just google what the information we want, and we get it. Some time we don't which one is useful for us and which one is useless. We spent most of our time on line,only to realize that we get nothing unless the 'recycle information'.

Fortunately I found a site that always give me the information I need, This site is about web hosting, but one of their pages attract me more, article's page. I was very enjoy reading their latest article, Changing Web Hosts in Six Easy Steps. I'm now planning to get my own domain, and this article give me some idea to do the extra thing, changing my web hosts.Of course I'm happy with my condition now, just prepare for the next move in the future.

There are 33 articles about cheap web hosting. Of course if I change my web hosts I will chose the cheap one. Reading these articles help me to know better about web hosting, especially about the cheap one. Another category that I read was domain name. There are 13 useful articles which make me more passionate to get my own domain name.

Hammad Got Chicken Pox (part two)

Last Thursday I wrote "Hammad Got Chicken Pox". One of my reader, Jerry gave some suggestions to improve it, so this is the new version ...

I just recovered from chicken pox, but my son Hammad just got it. Yesterday we saw some small 'chicken pox' on his body. I immediately took him to the clinic, but the doctor couldn't confirm it.Today my wife saw more 'chicken pox' on Hammad's body, especially at his face, and I took him to the clinic at 4 pm. They confirmed it, he has the chicken pox.. Fortunately the doctor told us it usually it is only take five days for Hammad to recovered, unlike me, who took 2 weeks. We hope Hammad will be fine soon. Please pray for him...

Thanks Jerry.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hammad get chicken pox

I just recovered from chicken pox, but my son Hammad just got it. Yesterday we saw some small 'chicken pox' on his body, and I brought him to the clinic immediately, but the doctor couldn't confirm it.

Today my wife saw more 'chicken pox' on Hammad body, especially at his face, and I brought him to the clinic at 4 pm. Yes, he got the chicken pox. Fortunately the doctor told us that usually it is only take five days for Hammad to recovered, not like his father who have to wait for 2 weeks. We hope Hammad will be fine soon. Please pray for him...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nizhama on Nizhama2 : January Report

I didn't make a good earning for December 2008 nor January 2009. For January I just make USD50. I made USD75 for December 2008. Maybe the economy crisis make earning through blogosphere harder.

I still wait and see before involved seriously in the affiliate programme. I know some people make big money there, while another lose huge money too.

I started to make shopping on line last month. Unfortunately I forgot about the Chinese New Year, and the company didn't active for ten days, so I have to wait for my stuff longer. Anyway that is a bonus because I used the money that I earned here...

My Alexa and Technorati? Don't ask about it. My Alexa is better than before, but my Technorati... huh...

Hammad and me... and my Aspire4730Z

This is Hammad, captured last Monday using my new Aspire4730z

Hammad again, more cool

Here I'm... last Monday. Can you see the chicken pox?

Here I'm today. No more chicken pox...

I started making money on line since November last year. I didn't make a lot of money here. It's just a hobby, writing to improve my English, and as a bonus I get paid some time to write about a blog or a site. Not a bad hobby. Now I start to spent on line. There are a lot of shopping centre here, but my favorite one is

The different between and another shopping centre on line is ShopWiki is not only an ordinary shop. It is a directory for the on line shopper. I just return from their clothing for men area. First thing that I saw there was Clothing For Men Buying Guide. There are many useful article there. Then I went deeper to the mens T-Shirts area -my favorite area-. There are many choices for you there. You can search and narrow the result within the price, the brand and/or even the color. You can compare the prices between the stores and make your final decision. The another favorite page for me there is outerwear like leather jacket, overcoat etc..

To buy from, you have to register first. But don't worry because it cost you nothing. It's absolutely free, and you have the chance to win iPod Nano. You have nothing to lose there.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nadal! You did it...

It is another five sets for Nadal. This time, it comes from World Number Two, Federer. But Nadal can handle it. He won 7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6 and 6-2. It's less dramatic from the semi final, but still a dream match. Let the pro give us more excitement.

(from )
Sunday 1 February 2009
By Matthew Clayton
Rafa in action


Rafael Nadal has thwarted Roger Federer’s quest to equal Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slam singles titles after defeating the Swiss 7-5 3-6 7-6(3) 3-6 6-2 in a breathtaking final of Australian Open 2009 on Sunday night.

Tonight’s match-up was the 19th between the pair and their seventh Grand Slam final, with Nadal now enjoying a 13-6 win-loss against his Swiss rival, including winning their last five meetings. Nadal is now 6-3 in Grand Slam finals, while Federer falls to 13-5, all five of those losses coming to the Spaniard.

In the opening set, Nadal broke Federer in the first game after the Swiss served a double fault and sprayed two backhands, but Federer broke back immediately after a marathon Nadal service game that went to deuce four times, the first two games of the match lasting 15 minutes. Both players soon settled, and the standard of tennis lifted after the early exchanges, continuing to rise as the set progressed.

Federer survived a break point in the fifth game, steadying and sealing his serve with a 180km/h ace, and the No.2 seed jumped to a 4-2 lead after breaking the Spaniard in the next game, sealing it with an enormous forehand on a Nadal second serve. Nadal produced two extraordinary passing shots in the next Federer service game to break back, the Swiss handing it to him with his second double fault of the match on break point. At 5-5, Nadal earned two break points on the Federer serve, needing only one of them to earn a critical break with a driving down-the-line forehand that gave the Spaniard his fourth game in the last five. The No.1 seed then served out the 58-minute set 7-5, making half the number of errors for the set (8-16) and capitalising on all three of his break point chances, Federer managing to convert only two of his four break point opportunities.

Federer started the second set shakily, dropping to 0-30 in his first service game before recovering to go up 1-0 with an ace that he successfully challenged using video line-calling. Nadal averted a minor blip on serve when he crunched a backhand cross-court for 1-1, but Federer earned a break point in the fourth game, Nadal saving it with his first ace of the match and then steadying to level at 2-2. The Spaniard broke in the next game for a 3-2 lead after two untimely forehand errors by the Swiss, his 19th and 20th unforced errors for the match. Nadal then served his first double fault of the match in the sixth game and dumped a forehand meekly into the net to give Federer a break point, which the Spaniard gifted him after a forehand sailed over the baseline to level the scores at 3-3.

Federer’s first serve percentage dropped to 32 per cent for the set in the next game, but he held after a couple of anxious moments for 4-3. Federer then upped the ante in the eighth game by quickly earning two break points, and after Nadal recovered to force deuce, both players squandered numerous chances to win the game before Federer finally converted on a break point chance, his second for the set in seven attempts to leap to a 5-3 lead. The Swiss then comfortably served out the set, which took 48 minutes and saw Federer hit 16 winners to Nadal’s 11 while overcoming Nadal’s 67 per cent accuracy on first serves. The No.2 seed won the final four games of the set.

Nadal went back to the locker-room at the end of the second set, and started the third with a pair of superb curling forehands to take the first game. Federer quickly leveled at 1-1 after a superb overhead. Nadal produced the shot of the match with a spectacular running forehand in the fifth game to take a 3-2 lead, and despite Federer’s first serve percentage hovering dangerously in the low 40s for the set, the Swiss managed to hold for 3-3. Nadal had more unforced errors in the first six games of the third set (nine) than he had in each of the first two sets (eight in each).

Nadal received treatment from the trainer on his right thigh after the seventh game of the set, and was soon under pressure serving at 4-4 when he found himself quickly down 0-30. A Nadal forehand down the line then went wide, but the Spaniard recovered magnificently to save three break points. Federer played an exquisite backhand smash to get the game back to deuce, and a sprayed Federer forehand saw the Spaniard edge to a 5-4 lead. Nadal again sought treatment from the trainer after the ninth game as he tried to stave off the onset of cramp, and held serve in the 11th game after a mighty struggle, Federer failing to capitalise on three break point chances in the game, making him a costly 0-for-6 for the set. With a tiebreak looming, Nadal successfully challenged a line call before an errant Federer backhand handed the Spaniard a set point, the Swiss saving it with a 203km/h serve. Federer then squandered two game points before serving his second ace for the game to force a tiebreak, with the match ticking past three hours. Each player unsuccessfully challenged a call in the first six points of the tiebreaker, which saw the players change ends at 3-3. Nadal then won the next three points, the third of them with a superb running backhand volley, and a Federer double fault handed the Spaniard the set, which lasted 78 minutes. It was the No.2 seed’s only double fault for the set, one where both players made 17 unforced errors and Nadal won 52 points to Federer’s 50. After three sets, Nadal had converted four of his six break point chances, while Federer was just 4-for-17 on opportunities to break the Spaniard’s serve.

Federer held easily to open the fourth set, and had two break points on Nadal’s serve in the very next game, needing just one of them to take a 2-0 lead. A blazing forehand from the Spaniard saw him break back immediately, and after Nadal held for 2-2, the game of the match ensued. It went to deuce seven times, Federer altering his tactics and attempting to run Nadal around with numerous drop shots, and Nadal producing outrageous winners from all angles to stay alive. Federer eventually sealed a 3-2 lead when Nadal couldn’t track down Federer’s fourth drop shot of the game, with the first five games of the fourth set lasting a marathon 31 minutes.

A succession of errors from the Spaniard saw Federer break for a 4-2 advantage, with Nadal starting to appear fatigued, his punishing five-hour victory over Fernando Verdasco in the semifinals perhaps starting to take its toll. Federer held to love in the next game, and soon served out the set 6-3, the fourth frame lasting 45 minutes. Federer was 10-for-14 on net approaches in the set while hitting 15 winners to Nadal’s seven.

The fifth and final set started with Nadal holding easily, and while the Spaniard had Federer under pressure in the next game, he couldn’t capitalise with a break as the match ticked past the four-hour mark. He didn’t miss the opportunity to break Federer in his next service game, the Swiss relinquishing a 30-0 lead with a torrent of unforced errors to give Nadal a 3-1 lead. The Spaniard then held for 4-1, Federer’s unforced error count for the set ballooning to nine. The Swiss held to love in the next game, and in the crucial seventh game of the set, Nadal held his nerve, holding to love. With Federer serving to stay in the match, a double-fault handed Nadal a 0-30 lead, and a sprayed forehand handed the Spaniard two match points, the second of which Federer saved after a nail-biting rally that saw Nadal push a sliced backhand wide. Nadal then secured another match point, winning the title after Federer pushed a forehand long after four hours and 22 minutes.