Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm now searching for new home to rent. Maybe we will move again next month. If this happen, it will be our (my wife and me) fourth experience moving from one place to another since our marriage five years ago. We plan to buy a house next year, but have to move this December because our home owner want to sell it. Searching for a house is not an easy job. Anyway we have another solution nowadays as we can use the internet. I found some sites that offer this service in my country, Malaysia.

If you are in USA and searching for the new home, you should visit You can go to the Home Shopper. This site is very easy to use. Just enter the town name, sort your searching by property type and price range. You can sort it by the number of beds and beds too, if you want to do that. For more deep searching, you also can sort by the Elementary School, Middle School and High School. It is easy to find Virginia home builders in the site. If you are searching for Richmond new homes, you should visit this site too. Searching for new home Virginia? Just visit the site and you will get the answer. also offer to promote your house. If you are thinking to sell your home, you can get your home's current market value and suggested listing price. Just fill out the form and you will get the information free of charge.

Talk About Blog : The Morgage And More Blog

As a blog’s surfer everyday, I visited many interesting sites in the blogesphere. Today, one of the blogs that I visit is The Morgage And More Blog. It is a site that talks about many different subjects. The main topic of the blog is the housing industry, but the writer uses his blog to talk about everything. The writer, Danny Thorton was in the mortgage industry for over 7 years, and had the experience in costumer service for more than 16 years. He had that experience and he know exactly what he write about.

Talking about the site, it is quick to load and does not contain a lot of ads that make you feel uncomfortable. The layout is clean and quite pretty. The writer uses his blog to give his reader a good information and tips about housing industries. He also talk about shopping, and promote the other's blog too (this make the bloggers like a big family). You can check out the blog here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hammad Biggest Day

This happen three weeks ago (three weeks ago? how fast the time flying leaving us). I kept telling my self everyday: I will write it today, but I didn't. I must do it it tonight.

It happen on November 7, (exactly three weeks ago) at As-Salam Kindergarten. It was End of The Year Ceremony at As-Salam Kindergarten. Hammad who just entered the Kindergarten two months ago was chosen to lead his friends to make the performance in the public. He just three year old, leading his friends from Four Year Old Class sung two Nasyids in this ceremony. My wife and me are very proud of him. My parent were coming to give their supporting too...


Are you involved in the stock market trading? Some people make big money there. It is like a gold mine at the last century. If you are searching for the site about stock market education, BetterTrades is among the best site. They are an organization that teaches people how to make money by trading. They are offering the on-line classes to make anyone with interest, motivation and dicipline to be a successful trader.

The students will be mentored by BetterTrades Coaches. Other on-line and live classes also offered to give the students the latest information in this industry. Students learn at their own speed, meaning that no pressure to finish the class at certain period. All the instruction on CDs and DVDs and mentorship classes will archived and filed.

BetterTrades have many experience instructors. One of them, Freddie Rick is a very popular person. With a background as a marine, he then took on several different jobs before ended as a trader. He made a successful story as a trader. He uses his experience in the secrets of stock market trading to help others who have interesting in this business. He is the founder of BetterTrades.

Fore more information About BetterTrades, you can visit them here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Audi TT

The word that came across my mouth when I saw 2008 Audi TT for the first time is WOW... Then my heart tells me: If I drive that car… I don’t know how to complete my sentence. I cannot think further, just repeated the sentence without completing it: if I drive that car... Yes, a car with WOW factor, to cute, to stylist, to handsome, to beautiful. For the style, 2008 Audi TT should get 9/10.

With the 2 liter four-cylinder with 200 hp, I sure everybody will agree that is amazing. What about 3.2 liter V6, adding 50 hp, can you imagine the power of this car? You can go from 0 to 60 mph just in 5.6 seconds. The combined combined fuel consumption just 10.3 l/100 km, but I sure the car’s owners will not think about it as they are enjoying the power of the car more. Among the special features are Audi Magnetic Ride which improves handling and road handling. With the S Tronic, you can change the gear without noticeable interrupting the flow of power from the engine. 2008 Audi TT’s body is made from combination of aluminium and steel, which give you more dinamism and greater safety, of course with an amazing style.

Looking inside the 2008 Audi TT, we will see the high class interior design. A magnesium steering wheel with a flat bottom frames. The speed and rpm scales looked nice. With the standard sport seat, you will feel relax while drive. The roadsters are two seaters, while Coupes have more two rear seaters, but the rear seaters are small and they should do something about it in the future.

For more information about 2008 Audi TT, The Car Connection is the right place to go.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sheikh Abdul Hamid Mursi

This is one of my best friend, Mr Abdul Hamid Mursi (left). He from Egypt and was invited by our goverment, Terengganu to be a teacher in the IQ Terengganu. He came to Malaysia early 2006 and did his job very well. He is a specialist in Arabic teaching and I learned a lot from him. He also have a good voice and this make him a good 'Qari' (al-Quran reciter).

My friend spend three amazing years in our country and had to leave Malaysia on 5 November, 18 days ago. What make me feel unhappy is I couldn't go to the airport at that day because of the busy scheduale, and I feel guilty for that. Anyway I hope Mr Abdul Hamid will have a good days with his family in egypt.

The onother person in the picture (right) is Mr Abdullah. He is from Egypt too. He still with us here in IQ Terengganu and still have another two years with us as he arrived early this year.

Exam in IQ Terengganu

This week is the last week for the Third Semester in IQ Terengganu (Syahadah's students). Next week our students will go through the exam. The students from the Fourth Year (Final Year) will have The Last Exam (Syahadah Exam), the students from the Second Year is still in SPM Exam, and the students from First Year and Third Year will have a semester Exam. So next week is Exam week. 

The students from SPM intake (Diploma's students) are still have another 10 weeks before their exam in early February. They will have the break on 5 December for a week, then have to come back to finish their studies. 

As a teacher all I need is the best for all of my students, especially for the students from the Final Year. Hope they do their best for their own future...

New Mercedes DC

What is your dreaming car? I sure lot of you will say Mercedes-Benz, a world class German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, trucks and other vehicles. A long history of Mercedes-Benz begins in 1886 by the first Karl Benz’s creation of the first automobile. In 1901 Gottlieb Daimler with Wilhelm Maybach made the original Mercedes. In 1926 Mercedes-Benz brand name were produced, following the merger of Karl Benz’s and Gottlieb Daimler’s camponies into the Daimler-Benz company. Now it became Daimler AG. With the long experience, Mercedes-Benz becomes very popular in the whole world. They are the leader in many technological and safety innovations.

If you want to purchase a new car, why not you check out the Mercedes-Benz? You can visit New Mercedes DC site. They are the specialist dealer in new Mercedes at American Service Center Mercedes. They can get any model that suitable for and your family.

Mercedes E-class is an excellent luxury sedan that gives you uncompromising comfort and the power you need. Mercedes SL-class is the ultimate sport sedan, and the people's eyes will opened widely when you drive a Mercedes SL crossing them. For a mid-size sport sedan, you should try Mercedes S-class. If you have families that need stylist and roomy vehicle, Mercedes GL-class is the best for you. Or try Mercedes M-class which more compact for fun to drive. For more fun, try the world class Mercedes CLK, the ultimate sports car which represents the synergy of racecar performance and roadcar driveability.

Please visit New Mercedes DC site for more information. You will get any Mercedes-Benz model there, or they will get it for you.

Online resources

About three days ago, I subcribed to a site named Help Me To. As a newbie in this world, I’m always wanted to know the new thing everyday. When I was searching how to improve the traffic to my blog, I found this site. It’s looked amazing with a lot of information, especially for those who are looking for someone to help them on line. I didn’t think twice to subscribe it (nothing to lost, if I don’t like it, I can unsubscribe it later), and I’m glad I did it.

Another site that I visited racantly is Online Buzz. It’s a site for those who searching for the information how to make money on line. I know there are a lot of sites like this, but this one give me the fact that I searching for. Another site that talk the same topic but with the different style is Money Maker Machine. This site gives me a lot of information about Technology News.

When we start to make money on line, we have to read the information from different sources. Of course it is not easy making money here, but if you know the right way, you can do the right thing. That is why reading from other’s experience will help you to do better in this business.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beverly Hills Dentist

Teeth are very important in our life. The best way to make our teeth healthy is to brush after eating or at least twice a day. We should brush our teeth before bedtime to. The best way to brush the teeth is in little circle; go around and around until you have brush every surface of each teeth. Brush up and down is better than brush side to side. It is better if you use dental floss at least once a day to keep your teeth healthy.

You should visit your dentist twice a year. They can find any problems and polish your teeth too. If you are in Los Angeles, you should try Beverly Hills Dentist. They are not just the dentists, but also are advanced dental professionals and clinical professor. They are teachers at USC School of Dentistry and making a lot of research and developments in modern dental technology and cosmetic dentistry.

Having experience over 25 years in practice and teaching of dentistry make them different from others. From their knowleadge and experience, they use the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual patiant.

They are offer cosmetic dentistry, crowns & bridges, dental implants, dentures, general dentistry, gum diseases, porcelain vaneers, prosthodontics, root canal, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, TMJ treatment, tooth filling and treatment of bad breath. If you want to visit Beverly Hills Dentist, you can click here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Google Chrome

I'm now using Google Chrome. When first time browsing the internet, I used Internet Explorer and I thought I will not change to another browser. When my friends moved to Mozilla FireFox, I'm still with IE... Then I have problem with IE (some sites looked terrible with IE) I moved to Mozilla and said to myself: I'm never move again... 

But I was wrong. Recently I have problem with FireFox. I don't know why my PC too slow with FireFox. When I use Google Chrome, everything is fine. I think this is my PC's problem, not Mozilla's problem. Because of this problem, I move to Chrome and find it's a cool browser. 

My friend's lap top have only IE, and when I used his lap top, I have to use IE. I think IE have improved itself during nowadays but to challenge the Mozilla and with the newcomer: Chrome, IE's teams have to work harder. 

Anyway thanks to all who dedicated their live making others live happier.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clickbooth Webinars

When I started blogging early this year, I didn’t know that some of people make a good income here. I learned something new everyday until I discover how people make money on-line, from their home. About two months ago I found a cool site, Clickbooth, which is among the leaders in marketing channels, method and niches, which give them the power of complete marketing solution.

Last week I found another cool page from Clickbooth, Clickbooth webinars. What make this site a cool site is its contents. You can get the latest information about making money on-line. Top internet marketers are giving their ideas and secrets to achieve their successes. And all of this is 100% free. You can view them with your eyes because they do it by video interviews…

What you have to do firstly is to visit their page. Then you have sign up by using your e-mel, and I think anybody can do that. Just a minute and you are ready to view the amazing interviews from the top guys in the industries.

I signed up my account and had good experience and ideas from this site. I viewed Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky sharing their experince and how they find, test and track top converting offers on-line. As I started to make money online, I find this site is very interesting especially for the newbie like me.

You can visit this site by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Canadian Online Pharmacy

Nowadays we can buy almost anything on line, from ebook to real book, from office equipments to home and decoration etc… Just name it and you will get it here. Just use your fingers and search for it. It’s like a whole world within your fingers. But a question is still remain, can I believe this site? Can I get what I buy, or it’s a spam site? Here came to help you if you are searching for the medicine. is a Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service that help you to find the right product. They will connect you to the Canadian Online Pharmacy in a safe and trustworthy environment. You can rest in your home and they guarantee that you will get what you pay for. There are no risks of being the victim to the scam sites.

What make DrugDelivery unique is the offers they make. They offer the lowest price online and the discount average of 40% and up to 90%. They are now offering Free Shipping For Life when buying product from their licensed Pharmacies. This is a great deal. You can save a lot of money for this. For more information, please visit them here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Talk About Blog : Na5wa.blogspot

I'm now following about 12 sites, but the most active one is na5wa.blogspot. The owner of this blog, Lutfi was my student six years ago, currently a student at Ummu al-Qurra University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Na5wa.blogspot is a personal diary, like mine. Lutfi write about everything and anything. He don't have any niche, and the major of his topics are about himself, his prince Waseem, about Makkah, The Holy Land for the muslims and anything...

Of course the best story ever he wrote at his blog was on October 21, about the accident that he and his family involved... It make me cry (in my heart)...

What make his blog unique is the pictures he took from Makkah. I was a student at KSA 11 years ago, but it was to hard to take any picture at that time. Now Lutfi can take any picture he want at Makkah making me missing Makkah so much.

Among my ex-students blog, I give na5wa the most active one...

Want to back up your data on line and share it with others? There are lot of sites offer free back up for your data. I just visited one of them, It’s a cool site which you can back up your data up to 2GB free for a whole year. Just sign up to be their member, then start to up load your data, and use it as your personal digital archive, to back up, sync and share content with the others.

If you want more, you can upgrade to Tilana Reserve Standard Unlimited Backup. It is only $49.95 per year with a big benefit like unlimited backup for a single computer. This offer come with free 2GB archiving for any file version history whole delete file.

Tilana Reserve Pro Backup with Sync and Archive is the best product from With this account you can backup, archive and sync with an unlimited number of computers per account.

For CDP backup and free backup software, is deserved to visit.

Park Let (London)

What is the biggest problem in the big city? Of course among the answers is car park. Everyday people buy new cars, and the cars increase everywhere, especially if you live at a metropolitan like London. Finding the right place to park your car can be a nightmare. Thanks to Park Let which give you a real solution for this. They are an agent in parking spaces and garages, and they are the UK’s largest agent in this business. If you are looking for space to your car, or you have space to let or to sell, this is the site that you should visit.

If you are looking for London Parking For Rent, you should visit this site first. They have 15,265 parking spaces and garages currently available for you to rent. These spaces are not at London only, but also at Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and all other UK towns and cities. All you have to do is visiting their site and choosing the right space for yourself, and no more nightmare to park your car.

From other side, if you have a spare parking on your driveway, or allocated parking within your apartment block, or surplus parking within your company car park, why don’t you make some money with it? Park Let are ready to help you to rent out these spaces. They will manage everything from finding the tenant to monthly rental collection. If you have the spaces to sell, they are ready to serve you to. All you have to do is visiting their site and they will do the rests.

Park Let are the largest supplier of monthly contract parking to individuals and businesses throughout the UK, and they are always in need of additional parking sites. For more information about Park Let, please visit here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bloogers Unite For Refugees

I know I late three days for this, but I must join this campaign.. I was a refugee 33 years ago. Thanks a lot to Malaysia who 'adopt' me and my family...

For the badge, please visit here

I will write about my story (my biggest story) 33 years ago later...


Ensim Corporation was founded in 1998, with the goal to lead provider of infrastructure management software for the enterprise and service provider industries. They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and together with Microsoft, they co-developed Ensim Unify, which serve over a million users and over 20,000 organizations managed by Shared, SaaS, MPS , and Enterprise versions of the solution through our network of Telco, ISP, MSP and VAR partners.

Among their major products are Unify Enterprise, Unify Shared, Unify Managed and Unify SaaS.

Unify Enterprise Edition give the user provisioning and access control software for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange management and mobility applications. Costumer will see the proven result which improving their workforce effectiveness and decreasing operating costs in the same time.

Unify Shared Edition is a centralized software application for activating, configuring and managing a service provider’s Unified Communications and Collaboration infrastructure. Among the latest version of Unify includes Support for Microsoft Host Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) and Window-based Hosting (HBW) and Support for Microsoft Connected Services Framework (CFW) 3.0.

Ensim Unify Managed Edition is a software that allow Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to help the customer in administer and automating their application infrastructure while Ensim Unify enables service providers to centrally create, control and deliver Software as a Service.

For further information about Ensim Corporation, please click here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Roger vs Simon (ATP Master Shanghai)

I'm now watching Roger Federer play against Gilles Simon from France in ATP Master Shanghai. Roger Federer, second world rank and first seeded is a favorite player, while Simon is ninth world rank and eight seeded in this tournament is an underdog. I don't know why I'm always with the underdog against the favorite, and of course always lost, unless the favorite one is my favorite player like Nadal...

Federer won the first set 6-4, but Simon did great in the second set. He won back 6-4. Now they are playing at third set. Unfortunately I have to give the way to my wife. She want to watch the news. Our kid, Hammad is sleeping now...
(up-date at 10:03 pm)
Yes... Gilles Simon did it... He won 4-6, 6-4 and 6-3... I like up set... catch the news here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

One of my favorite paid posts site is When I made a decision to monetize my blog last month, I started to sign up with the site that offer the bloggers to do the review posts. Some of them approve my blog, the others decline it, and is among the sites that accepted me, and they did it i their own style, that make them unique from the others.

After adding my blog, they request me to install a widget in my blog, and luckily I did well. They approve my blog within 24 hours ( I think the fastest site to approve my blog) and give me my blog price to. My blog value is $4.12 to $16.84 per post, and I think it is not bad, especially for a beginner. This method make them different from other site and I start to like it. is easy to use. After you login to the member area, you will get everything clearly for you. You can go to the opportunity page which you can find the right opportunity for your blog. In this page, you can chose the right opportunity easily because they have tell you which opportunity is match to your blog and which are not.

There are lot of opportunities there, and if you want to try, please click here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shopping on line is a new trend that grow very fast. If you google for ‘shopping on line’ you will get a lot of site in this category. The major problem making shopping on line is to compare between the goods, you have to jump from one site to another until you get what you want with the valuable price.

Now you can do it by visiting only one site, is a shopping comparison site that give you the needed information before you decide what to purchase on the web. They give you the best collection of the stores with the brands and products that you need, all in a single site. is easy to use. From the home page, you can chose the good that you need. From there you can compare the good and the price from different stores. You can sort your searching by different category. Then all you have to do is your decision.

This site also give you the guides to shop. They also have a good costumer service. From now to December 14th, their costumer can enter the contest that offer the great prizes. For more information please visit here.

Barack Obama and Najib Tun Razak

Next year USA will have a new president and Malaysia will have a new Prime Minister. Sen Barack Obama was chosen by the people of USA to be their next President. Catch the news here. He have to wait until 20 Jan 2009 to go to the White House. Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak will replace Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Malaysia Prime Minister in March 2009.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nissan Dealer MA

Still remember Datsun? It was very popular in the eighties… Actually Datsun was the car’s brand for Nissan Motor Company, which later known as Nissan . My father himself use a Nissan van, Nissan Vanette C20. It’s a tough van which still in good condition after more than ten years.

Nissan Motor Company was founded in 1933. They are now the third largest Japanese car manufacturer. In the late ‘50s they exported their car under Datsun brand and made a major impact on the US market with their sedans and compact pick up.

Nowadays, there are lot choice of Nissan car for you to chose. Nissan Maxima is a luxury sedan car, which give you the power and responsiveness that you need. If you want the ultimate sport sedan with more torgue and a tighter suspension to put you in control of any driving environment, Nissan Altima should be your choice. For the ultimate sport compact, Nissan Sentra is the right choice which combines luxury with the Nissan tradition of performance. Nissan Armada is suitable for the family that need stylish and roomy transportation, when Nissan Xterra is the best for business. For me my choice is Nissan Murano, a luxury SUV for driving with fun.

Want to have a closer look at Nissan’s cars? You can get more information at Nissan Dealer MA. The Framingham Nissan Dealership is the right place to get your Nissan’s car, no matter the new one or the used one. They have all the Nissan’s car, and if they don’t they will try their best to get for you, their costumer. If you like to know more, please visit here.

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Happy Voting Day

As my major readers are from US, I'm want to say :

HAPPY VOTING DAY... 4/11/2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hammad at Giant

This happen 10 days ago, on 25 October. This is Hammad favorite play ground. It's located at Giant, Kuala Terengganu. What make this place unique is it is indoor, and it is very clean and suitable for children. Of course after the playing time, came the happy Chicky meal time at KFC...
And this is a bonus picture... Like father like son...

Nizhama On Nizhama2 : October Report

October was my most successful month in blogging. After nine months blogging, I started to monetize my blog, just for fun, and the result was amazing. I got $155 USD, about RM496, not bad for a newbie without experience like me.

What make this bucks more valuable for me is I get it from paid posts. I learn English and get paid for it. Many people have to pay to learn English, but in my case, I get paid… What a great way to learn English here in the blogosphere.

My Alexa and Technoroti is increase too. My blog now rank 656,932 (previous 714,417) at Alexa and 23,416 (previous 24,383) in Technorati. My PR is still 3. I wrote 32 postings in October, and this is another record for me.

My target for November is to get $200. Just a target. I don’t care if I don’t get because my major goal is to learn English. I think I do great in my goal. Now I have no problem to write a short article. I hope I do better in the future…

Hair Loss Products

Hair is our crown. Having problem with hair loss will make us feel uncomfortable with our life. Fortunately nowadays there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of products for hair loss products. Again we have problem to chose the right one and here came hairlossreview to give you the guide for it.

They started investigating about natural hair loss product and treatment in 2005. From their experience in this research, they recommended three hair loss product, base to the fast and proven result, product quality and costumer satisfaction.

The top one is Provillus. This natural formula is suitable for men and women, and the customer can see the result within 90 days. The second one is Procerin. This product give the best benefit for younger men between 20-30, but not suitable for the women. The last but not the least one is Advecia. This is the most popular product and suitable for both men and women.

All of these products are natural products and do not require a doctor's prescription. These are the safest product which give you the most afficient result, according to this site. If you want to try, please visit here.

Are you plan to buy a new lamps for your house? If you do is the right site to visit. They offer thousands of lamps, from table lamps to floor lamps, from task lamp to reading lamps, from piano lamps to torchieres, with diversity styles and lowest prices.

With their experience since 1924, Farrey's Wholesale Hardware Co., is the right place for you. They have the premier source for unique high quality products with the professional service for your satisfaction. Today they are a $40 million international company which you can count on. have a good site and easy to use. Their lamp product search tool will help you to get whatever you want from any kind of lamps products. They are ready to ship the product to anywhere in USA and Canada. For further information, please visit here.

Hamilton did it in a dramatic final lap

I don't believe this. I knew that he will take the 2008 driver's title, but I don't believe he did it in style, finishing fifth place by passing Timo Glock from Toyota in the final corner in the final lap. What a race.

If you're a F1 fan, you know that Hamilton need to finish at fourth place if Massa win the last race, and Massa did it. Hamilton was in the same condition last year when he lost his driver's title to Kimi in the last race, when everybody believed that he will win it. History may repeat last night, but no... He did it, and with a style too...

I'm not Hamilton fan. I'm Ferrari's fan since 1998. I hope the 'miracle' again this year, but it never happen. I'm unhappy with the result, but Hamilton deserve it. He did a great job for two years and it is unfair for him if he lost again this year, in the final race.

For more information about the story, you can get it here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

BrickHouse Alert

We live in the new era and we see with our eyes how the technology grow to fast. It make our life more easy from day to another day. One of these technologies is medical alert. We should think to use it if our parent or grandparent lives alone, just in case they need it and nobody around to help.

BrickHouse Security is one of the companies which offer to their client the medical alert. This company is the trusted name in high-tech safety and security solutions for federal and state law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals across the globe.

One of their product is BrickHouse Alert. This product was created by the expert to protect our active over 50 crowd who prefer to keep their independence but desire that extra helping hand. They also offer the personal emergency response system who are ready to help 24/7. The unique in this product is the automatic Fall Detector and Inactivity Sensor. It’s mean that if the user of this product have fallen or not moving, these features detect it automatically, even if he/she can’t press the button.

The other product is suitable for people who like to travel and always be outdoors. The BrickHouse Mobile GPS is created with simply sound the alarm, locate and communicate from anyway in this world. This product have a Panic Button that connect to a central monitoring system, and you can communicate with your family or doctor or rescue worker if you are in emergency situation.

BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist and BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS are the only PERS systems that work in conjunction to give you complete protection, 24/7, anywhere in this world. You or your parent are protected without needing to press the button… For more information please click here.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Furniture Store

Imagine a home without furniture… it’s like a world without plants… Like desert. Furniture is very important in our life, without it our home like a leaved home. The furniture also show us the personal of the house’s owner.

One of the site that you should visit if you want to purchase the new furniture for your house is With their principle that well-made furniture should be stylist, functional and affordable, they offer diversity of furniture, from modern furniture to contemporary furniture. If you want, you can get the Italian furniture to here at

You can chose any furniture that you need, from living to dining room, from bedroom furniture to kids room, they have every furniture that you need in your lifestyle. They have a good Customer Service and you will get the answer for your query at their FAQ. If you are searching for designer furniture site, you have to visit

A Saturday at UDM

I planned to bring my family to Terengganu Horse Show ( Pertunjukan Kuda Terengganu… Kuda Sokmo ) at Terengganu Equestrian Resort today. Unfortunately I had to attended the research methodology workshop at UDM. Any way the workshop went well and everybody happy with the result… I hope…

Terengganu Horse Show located at Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER) from 31 October to 2 November. I cannot go tomorrow (2/11) because I have a full schedule all day long till late night too. The another big event happen in Terengganu in this month is FEI World Endurance Championship 2008 which take place at Lembah Bidong, Merang, Terengganu from 6-9 November. Our SPB Yang DiPertuan Agong is one of the participants in this World Class Event. I will try to attend it. Of course I feel very proud because our King is a World Class Athlete.