Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I knew about BE from suzette site. I registered to be BE member about a month ago and my blog was approved on 21 July. Since that moment my blog traffic increase magically. I know BE members just surf for my site about a minute per click, but for the new blogger like me, it's enough. I can see my blog grow from a small seed. I enjoy this moment hoping that it will be a big tree. A very big tree that give me a lot of fruits. (just a dream)

I'm now very active in BE. If you go to BE you can see my name at Blog Tycoon, Blog Rocket and Battle of The Blog. And I have my luck at Blog Tycoon. I was already get more that 250 credits bonus from Blog Tycoon. But I was unlucky at BOTB. My record is 2-6, but I have nothing to lose. I get 15 hit minimum each time I take the challenge, so nothing to scare. My ranking is still better than stik (you know him is you a BE member). I do all of this for fun and in same time increase my traffic, so two in one laa. I have to do something to improve my blog. I don't want to lose and lose and lose again. I don't care but in the same time I don't want to be a loser.

This is my unique visitor before and after being BE member. My average unique before using BE was between 15-20, 21 July : 29, 22 July : 68, 23 July : 63, 24 July : 67, 25 July : 60, 26 July : 80, 27 July : 70, 28 July : 80 and 29 July : I hit the new record : 98 unique visitor.

I know somebody get 1000 unique per day, the other maybe get 10,000 per day and Tun Seri Mahathir get 1,000000 hit in less than one month. But I don't care about it. I'm a new blogger and nobody. I just try to get some space in this magic world. Who know maybe one day I will be a blog tycoon. A real blog tycoon...

Monday, July 28, 2008


I spent all day long yesterday accompanied my lovely wife at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah. We went there at 10.00 am and only leaved it on 4.00 pm. We spend all day long together watching people come and go, and I had to take one day off from my work...

Today is a PLBS day. I mean Pentaksiran Lisan Berasaskan Sekolah. It's an oral test for the student from form five who take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( Malaysia Certificate Education ) this year. As an Arabic teacher, I have to test my students their abilities in Arabic speaking. I have 27 students, two of them were absent. So I have to test 25 students today.

Actually they can read quit well, some of them were excellent. They can answered the questions from the paragraph very well. Almost all of them got full marks in this category. But my major problem is not many of them can speak well. I had train them a lot to speak Arabic, but they still to shy to use their ability. What a shame. This is not my problem only. Many of my friends who teach Arabic Language talk about this. I want to talk to them in Arabic only, but if I do that, nobody will talk to me. I had that experience before. I'm now a person who in charge in Arabic Language in IQ Terengganu, and I will find the resolution for this problem IN SYA ALLAH.

p/s My unique visitor hit 80 for Saturday, and that is a new record.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I went to Dungun yesterday to attend my c0-worker weeding. The groom, Hafaz b. Ali is my ex-student who become the staff at IQ Terengganu. He is a celebrity as he was represented Terengganu twice in Musabaqah Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Kebangsaan and he was the first runner in AQ 2007. The bride, Husna is my ex-student too, who now still a student in Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. This is not the first my ex-student marry with my ex-student, and for me this is a good situation.

I mad my journey alone coz my wife had another plan to do. Dungun is not too far from Kuala Terengganu. It's about 90 km only. I took the Ajil-Bukit Besi road. although the journey just about 80 minutes (I'm not a fast driver), but it was a long journey for me. All the way long to Dungun, my mind was always with my late brother (al-marhum), Ariffin. He passed away 5 years ago.

My late brother was 'crazy about traveling'. He liked to travel and never stay at home for a long period. We are not coming from a wealthy family, so he just travel inside Malaysia. He did what he had to do for life, and then travel again. I my self had a lot of memories traveling with him. The last one was to cow boy town at A'Famosa Resort, Melaka in 2002, about six months before he passed away. We had another journey inside Terengganu ( to Kuala Besut ) early 2003. He wished to make a journey around Malaysia with me, and I gave him my word, we will do it in December 2003. But he died on July 2003 leaving all the sweet memories with me... Now I have my own dream. I want to have a journey around Malaysia. But I don't think I can do it now with all my responsibilities. Maybe I will do it after my retirement, who know...

In the way home, I went to my parent's house, and for my luck I can picked durian myself and ate it freshly. Not everybody have this experience...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I went to get my breakfast around 11.30 this morning and as usual I read a magazine there. What I had read today make my heart cry. In fact I'm a very sensitive one. Maybe if you look at me (out side ) you will say that I'm a non sensitive man, but people have more than one face. I'm always cry, but no one see it because my eye didn't do it, but my heart did...

Back to my story I had read... It's about 8 years old girl who have to look after her two sibling, aged 6 and 4. Their mom is a prostitute. The girl have to take care her sibling all day long, and in the night have to take them out to the street, because their mother have the 'work' to do in their small room. More tragically the girl was raped by her mom's costumer and her mom didn't want to report it. According to the magazine there are a lot of children like this poor girl, and they live here in Malaysia around Chow Kit...

For those who want to know more, please visit here

Reading the story like this always make my heart cry... . I have my own way to help people, but I don't think I should talk about it. And for me what I did was not enough. In other side this story wake us from our dream. We always complain about our life and forget that there are more people unlucky in this small world.


I had to admit that I'm a blog addict now. I think that I had a posting about this before but nothing wrong to rewrite about it. I spent 2-3 hour daily (actually more) reading people stories around the world, discovering lot of new things, learning what happen around us ect...

When I was primary school, my hobby was reading. Maybe I was the student who read the most books among my friends. When my friends went to take their breakfast around 10.30 am, I was in the library, reading and reading and reading. I liked to read until there was no book to me to read in my school library( I thought laa...). My first school is Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Bunga which located at midtown Kuala Terengganu... How I miss that time... my childhood time... all we know was playing and playing and playing... But fortunately my hobby -reading- help me a lot to build my ability in fast reading. I can read very fast. And this ability help me in my study, I'm always among the best in academic ...

Now my hobby is coming back. I just sitting on my chair reading and reading and reading... Of course after do my job la... And for these days one question is always in my head : CAN WE MAKE MONEY FROM INTERNET??? I will answer to it soon IN SYA ALLAH...

p/s: I get 63 unique for yesterday. I didn't break the record but it ok la... tq to BlogExplosion

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I went to UDM today to register my second semester for my MA after Zohor prayer. As my big brother is working there, I always spent some time chating with him till late evening. But that was not happen today. I was at After Graduate Center's office when my wife called me. She was at my office with Hammad, hoping to take the home's keys from me. She forget her keys inside the house and only realized it when reaching home with Hammad after finishing her job. Poor girl (and don't forget my boy too ). So I had rush to home with my old kancil... My wife separated the house's key and the car's key as she think that is the best idea, because it make the key lighter, but sometime the best idea doesn't work.


As I promised yesterday, I tried to up date my posting at the midnight. Unfortunately I couldn't get my unique visitor stat from Nuffnang. I waited until 3 a.m but still couldn't get it. I woke up this morning with the red eye and pening-pening lalat. Today we had a workshop about syllabus etc and now I have a free time. So I go to the Nuffnang and see my uniques for yesterday. I got 68 and made a record. I'm sure I will break this record soon IN SYA ALLAH.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BLOGEXPLOSION... it's working...

About ten days ago, I had surf one of the nuffnanggers blog, which advice the reader to increase his/her blog by BLOGEXPLOSION... And me like usual did it for fun, and today my blog was accepted by the BLOGEXPLOSION and my traffic was increase too. Until 8 am my unique visitor reach 29 and I still have another 16 hours. Normally I just get about 20 unique visitor. I will up date midnight to show how unique visitor I get for today... My first day experience with BLOGEXPLOSION...

p/s You have to wait your blog to be approved. I'm myself have to wait for ten days. Some people have to wait longer according to their blog contents. With my bad English, I'm only need ten days. So my contents were OK laa tu...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ong, Mai and some of their tco

I had to leave last night when my son called me. He had some cold fever and didn't 'sleep like a baby' since two days ago. Always call me and want me to stay beside him all the time. He is 'anak bapak'. Always with me. Always want me to do anything. Play together, make milk, 'air suam' etc. So I had to leave my blog for him...

Back to BALIK KAMPUNG... The trip to my village just took half of an hour, not too far. Maybe some people have to spent all the long day to see their parent, but my lucky, I'm only take half of an hour. The same time if we want to go to my wife parent's house in Batu Rakit. So we are very lucky... aren't we?

We spent our most valuable time in the village. Of course the happiest one was Hammad. If he always want me to be with him in my 'home sweet home', but there he want to be with his Ong (his grandpa in my mother tongue language : Champa ), so it gave me some opportunity to relax in a peace and lovely evening...

For me, the most important one was to see my parent in good condition. And of course my mom touk msam (It's like tom yam but more delicious laa..). My wife can make it too, but my mom was the original one...

So that was what happen yesterday. Today I have a full day off from my duty. The students are with their families for mid semester holiday. And I will go to UDM to register for the Secand Semester for my MA studies...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


One of my favourite thing to do is return to my parent's village. My parent live at Bukit Bading, just 30 km from my 'home sweet home' at Paya Resak. So it just take about half an hour trip to have a peace and sweet feeling... being at where you came from...

In fact, I'm not from Bukit Bading. I was born in Vietnam 35 years ago. I have a little memory about Vietnam as I had left Vietnam when I'm just five years old. Spend 6 months at Songkla, Thailand and another 6 month at Taman Putera, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan, Malaysia. Then 5 years at Kampung Tanjung, Kuala Terengganu before moving to Bukit Bading in 1984. So our family are live at Bukit Bading for 24 years and I can say : I came from Bukit Bading. or Bukit Bading is my village...

Today We returned to Bukit Bading at noon, after performing Zohor prayer...
(sorry... have to leave now.. up date soon IN SYA ALLAH)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm now a full time blogger!!! hey.. don't misunderstand. I'm still work at IQ Terengganu. I have a best job in the world, as a teacher to 'huffaz' in future and I hope that is my first and my last job. No need to go to anywhere now...

What I mean is I'm now can access to the internet anytime I want as I had register to Streamyx Combo. I'm now surfing from my home sweet home with my lovely wife and son (with some disturbing from him )...

From now I will up date my blog daily, at least one pic from my prince IN SYA ALLAH...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In fact, I'm admire to people who have a new idea and change people life. People who make something simple to be important thing. People who start from nothing and became a millionaire. People who not scare to take chance whenever they get it... Unfortunately I'm not the kind of that people. I'm always wait and see what happen, always in safe mode, and to scare to take the chance. Actually I'm proud to be myself, but as a human I have my own weakness and my major weakness is too low profile and don't want to talk the challenge...

I'm not going to talk about myself today. I just want to tell that I get my first earning today from Nuffnang. I'm a nuffnanger since 2 weeks and get my first reward today. It's just a very very small amount but that is not the goal. Ask I wrote before, I did it for fun and get rewarded. So I have a great fun today... Tq Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen who found this program and hope more people to be the nuffnangers.. he he..

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Another topic that attract people so much is love story (meaning love between two heart :man n women). Can I write about it? Of course.. No one will blame me if I talk or write about love. Perhaps they want to know my opinion about love. Maybe the others want to know about my love story. Maybe I can tell people about my relationship between my wife and me. But I just read an article which very interested about love , especially for the students... so another cut and paste laa...


Layan Jangan, Lawan Pun Jangan

May 21st, 2008 | by Abu Saif | 7,165 views | Print Print | Email Email |

“Ustaz, bagaimanakah caranya untuk saya mengelakkan diri daripada bercinta semasa belajar? Apakah kaedah yang boleh digunakan?”, tanya seorang peserta kepada saya di dalam ceramah Aku Terima Nikahnya, anjuran Nisa’ WP tempoh hari.

“Oleh kerana kita sudah berbicara tentang kuasa cinta, maka saya berpandangan, cinta tidak boleh dilawan dan tidak boleh dilayan. Untuk menjadi mangsa kuasa cinta, tidak perlu melayan cinta, sebaliknya melawan cinta juga sama kesannya”, saya memberikan jawapan.

Saya bukan Profesor Serba Tahu yang ada jawapan untuk semua soalan. Maka jawapan-jawapan saya lebih kepada perkongsian. Mana yang baik, jadikan teladan. Mana yang buruk, jadikan sempadan.

Soal melayan cinta, memang tidak sukar melihat akibatnya. Sudah banyak kali saya perkatakan sebelum ini berkenaan kesan melayan cinta tanpa kebarangkalian cinta itu mencapai perkahwinan.

Tetapi soalnya kali ini ialah perbuatan melawan cinta.

Peserta tersebut bertanyakan kepada saya, apakah dengan mengelakkan diri daripada mendengar lagu cinta termasuk nasyid cinta, maka dirinya boleh terelak daripada terjebak ke dalam cinta.

Hakikatnya, cinta tidak perlu dilayan atau dilawan. Hanya dengan mengingatinya dengan cara apa sekali pun, seseorang itu sudah pun duduk di bawah pengaruh cinta. Mengingati cinta lalu melayannya, ada akibat yang kita sedia maklum. Mengingati cinta lalu melawannya, juga ada kesan yang tidak baik.

“Macam mana cara orang melawan cinta?”, saya bertanya.

Peserta tersenyum-senyum. Begitu juga dengan penyoal.

“Bercakap kasar dengan lelaki atau bercakap pedas dengan perempuan?”, saya mengemukakan cadangan tentang cara biasa melawan cinta.


Biasa benar saya bertemu dengan muslimat yang mahu melawan cinta, bercakap dengan lelaki seperti seorang askar bertitah kepada anak buahnya. Kalau sekali pun al-Quran menganjurkan perempuan supaya jangan melunakkan suara ketika bercakap dengan lelaki ajnabi, tidak pula sekali-kali al-Quran mengajar alternatifnya begitu.

Cakap biasa sudahlah.

Jika sudah biasa bercakap kasar dengan lelaki kerana kononnya sedang memerangi cinta, lama-lama sudah bercinta dengan suami pun masih terbiasa bercakap kasar. Itu penangan melawan cinta.

Sama juga dengan yang lelaki.

Kalau melawan cinta itu caranya ialah dengan me’laser’ perempuan, bercakap yang pedas-pedas hingga teresak-esak setiap perempuan yang berurusan dengannya, hati-hati! Jangan pula selepas berkahwin nanti pun, bermulut pedas kerana pengalaman bujang menentang cinta, lebih lama dari pengalaman kahwin menyuburkan cinta.


Habis, apa caranya untuk mengelakkan diri dari bercinta?

Oleh kerana lawan pun kena, layan pun sama… maka cara terbaik mengelakkan diri dari cinta di luar masa, ialah dengan MELUPAKANNYA.

Cara untuk melupakan cinta bukanlah dengan memikirkan cara melupakannya. Itu bukan lupa, tapi mengingati cinta secara melupakannya!

Sesungguhnya kaedah terbaik untuk melupakan cinta, ialah dengan menyibukkan diri dengan hal-hal lain yang lebih sesuai dengan masanya.

Sibukkan diri dengan pelajaran dan pengajian seoptima mungkin.

Sibukkan diri dengan kerja-kerja persatuan, aktiviti kemasyarakatan dan lain-lain kegiatan yang bersifat “memberi”.

Sibukkan diri dengan kerja dakwah, kerana dakwah bukan boleh berhasil terus dengan kesediaan. Ia memerlukan latihan, pendedahan, proses buat betul dan buat salah… dan zaman pelajarlah masa terbaik untuknya.

Apabila tiba masa untuk berumahtangga, barulah masukkan cinta dalam agenda ketika diri sudah pun biasa dengan kesibukan, iaitu realiti sebenar kehidupan yang jauh dari angan-angan.

56000 Kuala Lumpur

__ERTI HIDUP PADA MEMBERI. Perkongsian anda, biar pun hanya secawan kopi amat bermakna dalam usaha menampung perjalanan ini. Terima kasih


p/s The comments from the readers were interested too, so why shouldn't you try to read it... My 'bad' English doesn't allow me to write a good article like this, but it give me an idea how to 'give' and 'share' my experience... but I have to think about it, if I have much time to do that or just like usual : let other people do it and just be the reader... so another WAIT AND SEE aaa...

Saturday, July 12, 2008



PETALING JAYA: Mufti Perlis, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin jelas bercanggah pendapat dengan Mufti Perak, Dato Harussani Zakaria dalam kes orang yang menuduh dirinya diliwat mesti mengemukakan empat orang saksi dan jika gagal boleh disebat 80 kali.

“Mereka ini keliru antara seseorang yang mendakwa orang lain melakukan zina dengan orang yang mendakwa dirinya dirogol dan diliwat,” kata Dr Asri.

“Jika disamakan kaedah ini bererti mangsa-mangsa rogol dan liwat kena datangkan empat orang saksi dan kalau gagal berbuat demikian, mereka akan disebat 80 kali. Inikah Islam yang mereka faham?

“Kesalahan memahami hukum beginilah yang akan mengelirukan umat Islam? Jika ini yang ditonjolkan pada masyarakat, maka orang akan anggap Islam itu zalim,” katanya lagi.

Baru-baru ini, Dr. Asri meminta kedua-dua individu yang dikaitkan dalam kes liwat iaitu Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan bekas pembantunya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan supaya ‘bermubahalah’ atau bersumpah.

Beliau berkata isu liwat itu kini sudah menjadi semakin rumit dan rakyat pula menjadi keliru.

Katanya, Anwar dan Mohd Saiful hendaklah bersumpah laknat iaitu dengan melafazkan sumpah: “Jika dia tidak melakukan kepada saya, laknat Allah kepada saya, jika saya melakukannya, laknat Allah kepada saya.”

Cadangan Dr Asri tidak dipersetujui oleh Dr Harussani yang berpendapat Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat itu tidak perlu bersumpah atau bermubahalah.

Ini kerana, menurut Dr Harussani, isu liwat itu terletak dalam bab jenayah (kazaf) dan orang yang menuduh (Saiful) mesti membawa saksi sebagaimana yang disyaratkan dalam kanun jenayah syariah, jika dia gagal, dia boleh dikenakan hukuman 80 sebatan.

Dr Asri pula berkata, “Sebenarnya seseorang yang mendakwa dirogol atau diliwat boleh menguatkan kes dan tidak semestinya mengemukakan empat orang saksi saja. Pendakwa boleh mengemukakan qarinah (bukti atau apa saja yang berkaitan) untuk membantu siasatan,” jelasnya.

Dr Asri bertanya, adakah mungkin selepas ini pihak-pihak berkenaan akan mencadangkan supaya wanita-wanita yang membuat aduan menjadi mangsa rogol datuk, bapa, atau orang lain kena membawa empat orang saksi dan disabit 80 sebatan rotan.

“Dapatkah dicari empat orang saksi beriman? Di mana pula di dunia ini ada orang yang dirogol disaksikan empat orang saksi beriman dan saksi-saksi itu pula akan hanya melihat saja tanpa melarang perbuatan itu?,” tanyanya lagi.

Cadangan bermubahalah yang pernah disuarakan oleh Dr Asri tempoh hari jelas mengundang pelbagai reaksi dari ulamak dan ahli politik.

Dr Harussani tegas berkata yang Anwar Ibrahim tidak perlu bersumpah kerana katanya ia tidak menepati undang-undang Islam.

Kata beliau lagi, kes isu liwat yang membabitkan Anwar adalah perkara yang menjatuhkan maruah dan tidak timbul soal perlunya orang yang mendakwa atau tertuduh untuk bersumpah.

Kata Dr Asri, selepas bermubahalah (bersumpah) tidak bermakna orang itu tidak akan dihadap ke mahkamah.

“Mubahalah lain, prosedur mahkamah lain. Mubahalah timbul akibat ada pihak yang tak percaya pada sistem kehakiman, percaya ada komplot, bila masyarakat tidak mempercayai satu sama lain, bila saksi dianggap palsu, mahkamah pula tidak boleh dipercayai.

“Daripada terus berbalah antara satu sama lain dan membiarkan keadaan berterusan dan tuduh menuduh, elok didatangkan bermubahalah. Satu jalan penyelesaian untuk tidak terus berbalah,” kata Dr Asri.

Ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Dr Harussani yang mengatakan cadangan bermubahalah itu datangnya orang yang terlebih pandai, Dr Asri hanya berkata, “hasad itu tidak baik.”

Friday, July 11, 2008


Politic is among the most popular topic for everybody. We can hear people talk about politic everywhere. And politic is very popular among the bloggers too. Unfortunately I cannot talk about it. As a foreigner I'm only can see and hear, but not to talk or write about it. And I'm became 'a very neutral people' in Malaysian politic. But there are too many articles which very attractive in politic nowday. I cannot hold myself to refer to their article here and here...

Don't misunderstand... I'm still 'a very neutral people in politic'... I mean nothing... Just for fun, maybe...


Tonight is the final night for Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Kebangsaan ke 51, which is located at Jitra, Kedah. One of our lecture, Ustaz Hafaz Ali is represent Terengganu in this event. He was present his performance last night. We will now the result tonight. Hope he will win to represent Malaysia in Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Kebangsaan in August, which will be hosted by Terengganu. Unfortunately I cannot find any official web for this important event. All I get is this banner...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hammad got his new control car on Sunday. When we were at my wife sister's house at Paka on Saturday, he played with control car and wanted it hardly. so I promised to buy the new one for him. And here it is... It's cost me RM50. I'm only dream to have one in my childhood time. Time is changing aaaa.... But to see him with a big smile playing that car... I cannot describe it... I just hope that this happiness will not stop...

Today I registered to be a volunteer for Muslim Aid Asia... I hope more people will enjoy themselves helping another and I'm one of them. Another thing is I'm win again in AMBP contest. As I mention I did that for fun only. Until today nothing special happen to me this weak... But I'm still very happy with my life ALHAMDULILLAH...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


remember this one??? Not that one laa. new pic same 'style'

Afi n ummi in Masjid Jame' Kerteh

thanks for 3D/2N coupon

nice place to stay...

the sun, the sea, the beach and me

Sunrise in Cherating

Hammad.. (nampak pusat la dik...)

Hammad.. again

Don't get close... Abah! I want to swim..

blue n green

another blue n green

afi n abah


bah! bila kita nak gi cherating pulok???

So... this is my story about our third family vacation. This time our goal is Cherating, Pahang. About 2 months ago, I was invited by The Legend Worldwide Holiday to a promotion located at Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu. I went there with my family. It was a promotion to be their member. Can you guess how much it cost? It was 20k... To expensive laa... I'm not join the membership, but as a gift for joining their promo, they gave us 3D/2N coupon to stay at Legend Resort, Cherating... so that is the story...

We packed up our baggage on Thursday. At 4 pm we started our journey from our 'home sweat home' at Paya Resak. Made our first stop at Pengadang Baru for the petrol, then the journey began... The trip was nice but we had some 'traffic problem' at Marang. Then we stopped at Masjid Jame' Kerteh to pray Asar. then continued our journey in the 'hard' rain day... We arrived at the hotel at 7pm and it's a beutiful resort. After a short relaxing, we went out for food. Our favorite restaurant here in Cherating is Ombak, but it seen change a lot after our last visit in 2005. We had a good dinner with ikan tiga rasa ect... My prince like so much air kelapa laut madu.

On the next day, my boy and me 'lost' our time at swimming pool. This is his first experience at swimming pool and he enjoyed it very much while his mum watching him... We left the swimming pool at noon as I promised him that we will continue our 'swimming lesson' at the evening. After that I went to Jumaat prayer at Masjid Cherating, jalan2 cari makan , and then a big big big sleep (this is the real vacation)...

We had another 'swimming lesson' on Saturday's morning after a amazing sunrise viewing and lovely nasi lemak as a breakfast... I had a 'hard' time when the prince want to swim -of course with pelampung- by himself and don't want me to get closer. Then another 'hard time' came when we want to leave the pool... He only agree after his mom promising him cheeky meal...

We checked out at the noon and then went to my wife sister's house at Paka, having a good lunch there with x-men : final ... And another good and safe trip home. HOME SWEAT HOME.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I had a good story about my family's vacation to Cherating, Pahang on 3-5 July, but before that let me celebrate this moment first, Nadal did it again (beating Federer). He won the Wimbledon Championships by beating Federer 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7 in the final. As I wrote before, I'm Nadal's fan, and this is his first winning in Wimbledon. I watched the match until it was stopped by rain in the end of 3th set. I want to write about the match, but let the pro do it...

(from :

Match Reports
Nadal nicks title after five-set thriller
Sunday, 6 July 2008

Written by Ronald Atkin

Wimbledon has a new king. Rafael Nadal dethroned Roger Federer after a five-year reign by winning the longest-ever Wimbledon men's final.

The consistently heartstopping 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5-7), 6-7 (8-10), 9-7 classic began at 2.35pm and thanks to a couple of breaks for rain (surely necessary for the spectators to catch their breath), it ended at 9.15pm with the 22-year-old from Mallorca dropping to the ground with his arms outstretched in celebration.

Watching the four hours and 48 minutes on-court action, from the vantage point of the royal box, was Centre Court legend Bjorn Borg. Nadal had matched the Swede's fantastic feat of winning the Grand Slams of Roland Garros and Wimbledon back-to-back and had also prevented Federer surpassing the five titles in a row he collected between 1976 and 1980.

Conditions for the latest duel between tennis's two finest players could not have been more demanding. The rain, which delayed the start for 27 minutes, eventually cleared but the chill, gusting wind which accompanied it persisted throughout the match, blowing winning shots off course and making life even more difficult for the two competitors. That they coped so well spoke volumes for their skill and adaptability.

With the five-time champion looking less than his authoritative best, it was Nadal who struck the first heavy blow, capitalising on successive Federer errors to break for a 2-1 lead.

From the start Nadal concentrated his battering-ram attack on the Federer backhand, aiming every serve and looping forehand in that direction and it kept the champion in an unaccustomed position - on the back foot. Federer prospered more when he switched to net-rushing but he could not block Nadal's inexorable advance towards the first set.

The Spaniard managed to fight off a break point to stay 3-1 ahead and he needed to avert two more as he served for the set, which he clinched on his third set point after 48 minutes, courtesy of another brace of ground stroke errors from Federer.

It was the first set Federer had dropped since the final of the French Open, when he was routed by the same Nadal.

Federer's counter-attack was immediate and it rushed him into a three-game lead which he extended to an apparently commanding 4-1 with his sixth and seventh aces, only for the irrepressible Nadal to bounce back with some thrilling, all-action stuff.

To Federer's visible anger, his serve was broken as a stretched volley flew out of play and Nadal pulled level at 4-4 as Federer squandered yet another break point.

Now Nadal was in full, thrilling flow, breaking Federer again to lead 5-4 with another huge forehand and celebrating with pumped fists. As he was serving for the second set, Nadal received a warning from umpire Pascal Maria of France for taking too long between serves.

Clearly unsettled by the timing of that censure, the Spaniard permitted Federer another break point on a wind-caused error, but in typical fashion dug deep and clinched the set when Federer once more mistimed a backhand into the netting. So, having swept five games, Nadal was in the driving set, two sets ahead.

Nadal's authority suffered a scare in the third game of the third set when he slipped in making a sudden change of direction and called in the trainer to check on his right knee. No time-out was requested by Nadal, though his speed around court appeared to be affected for a while.

He was at full stretch in the next game, fighting off two Federer break points and, as dark clouds began to mass over Centre Court, the champion went flat out to recover a set and get back into the match. But four more break points went begging as Nadal held for 3-3 before wasting three break points of his own which would have put him 4-3 ahead and perfectly positioned to win.

Instead, with Federer leading 5-4, the expected downpour set in and play was held up for one hour 20 minutes. On the resumption it was Federer who dominated when a tie-break was needed to resolve the set, hammering four aces to take it by seven points to five.

The fourth set did not contain a single break point for either man and when the second tie-break of the match arrived it was a sensation, with Nadal first leading by five points to two and then reaching, and missing, two Championship points before Federer levelled at two sets all when a Nadal backhand error left him the winner by 10 points to eight.

Another downpour drove the players off court for half an hour with the score at 2-2 in the final set and when they returned the light was fading. But the spirit of both finalists burned bright as they hammered the ball at each other just as eagerly as they had done when this marathon first began.

At 3-4 Nadal saved a break point which would have left Federer serving for the title. At 6-6 Federer saved a couple of break points. Finally, in the gloom, the Spaniard broke to lead 8-7 when Federer struck a forehand too long.

So Nadal served for the match again, getting to his third Championship point only for Federer to hit an incredible backhand service return. Deuce once again, but Nadal moved to his fourth match point with a big serve and, with the crowd going wild, Federer finally cracked, dumping a forehand in the net.

It was late, very late, but not too late for the coronation of a new king to begin.