Monday, April 20, 2009

Hammad's Birthday

Went to Qiraat Ibnu Sina Kindergarten at the morning

Play with bubble at the evening

Ready for outing

At Batu Buruk Plauground

Lovely place

I need the 'real' camera...

Before dinner...

Hammad today is four years old. My wife and me have a tough schedule today, so we decided to postpone the celebration to Saturday. Anyway after Isya' Prayer, we went to Batu Buruk Beach, spend about hour there, gave Hammad a full license to play anything he want, then have a good dinner at one of our favorite place.

I will go to Kuala Terengganu Golf Resort at Tok Jembal for three days course tomorrow, and will not be with my laptop. Anyway I have two new date to launch MY GIVE AWAY PROJECT. The first one is on May 1, on Worker's Day. The other one is on May 8, my 'hidden' Birthday. Hope it will work this time...

No... I didn't make it

Today is April 20, Hammad's Birthday and I should launch MY GIVE AWAY PROJECT, but I didn't make it. I fail again. I have to postpone it, for the second time. I worked hard and struggle to make sure I can launch it today. But I have no experience. I made tones of simple mistakes. Now I have to admit... I have to postpone it.

Anyway, my 250 FREE AND EASY products are ready. My 300 bonuses product are ready. My OTO product is ready. My 25 INSIDER SALE products are ready. I will upload the products soon -more than 7 GB-. That all...

I feel disappointed to postpone my project, but this is just a hobby. Nothing to lose, right. As I mentioned from the beginning, this is my first TRIAL AND ERROR project. I made mistakes, and I learn a lot. I will spent hundreds Ringgit -maybe thousands- if I hire somebody to do this job, but I did it by making the mistakes... So, really, nothing to lose...

I will write about Hammad's Birthday... Hope to write about it tonight...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost A Month Without A Word

This is maybe my longest silent since I start blogging last year. I have a lot of thing to write here, but each time I got my 'free time' I used it to manage MY GIVE AWAY PROJECT. I should launch it this Monday - just three days a head-, on Hammad's birthday. My 250 Free and Easy PLR/MRR Products are ready. My OTO product is just ready -I spend two weeks just for trial n error, then the magic 'copy n paste make just in two hours, I believe you will like my OTO page-. The bonuses products -almost 300 products- are ready. The only products I have to deal with now is The Insider Sales Products. I have a huge products and have to choose 25 best products to sale.
Of course I will sale something. I want to start my business on line. But don't worry if you don't want to buy anything. You still get the 250 FREE and EASY PLR/MRR products just for sign up to my mailing list. Just one e-mail and you will get 250 products. ABSOLUTELY FREE.
I hope to launch my first TRIAL AND ERROR project on this Monday, but I will not push myself. Nothing to lose. Just do it and see if on line business is suitable for me...
Another thing, I just realised we can blog from the e-mail and set up for it. T tested it and it work great. I worked with my e-mail everyday and this is a good way to posting in this blog.


Just Try to post via e-mail. What a great service from google

Kongsi video semasa berbual dengan rakan anda dalam messenger.
Kini segalanya boleh dengan Yahoo! Messenger terbaru.