Friday, January 30, 2009

It is Nadal againts Federer (again)

I'm believe that tennis's fans will be in front of their TV this weekend. It's Rafa Nadal versus Roger Federer (again). It's at The World's Biggest Stage. It's man final Australian Open 2009. Federer confirmed his place by beating Roadick yesterday, and just now Nadal make the dream match come true by beating Verdesco 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 6-7 and 6-4. They made a new record, 5 hours and 14 minutes, the longest match in Australian Open history.

I'm Nadal's fan. I watched how he handled Federer many times before, but as a underdog. This Sunday he will be the foverite as he now World number one, and for the first time Federer will go throught this match as underdog.

I think we will watch another epic match, just hoping Nadal will survive and my kid will allow me to watch it...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


When John and Emily Farrey started their business in 1924, Farrey's was just a small general store sold hardware, linens, lights, fishing gear and other home products. Now, Farrey's is a $40 millions international company with showrooms in North Miamy, Florida and Coral Gables, Florida. Nowadays, they are selling their products via internet, the world without borders.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Al-Fatihah for al-marhum Mohd Hatta b. Hanafi

I lost another ex-student last Saturday. He was at Egypt, to study Islamic studies there. He just 21 -I think- and one of my best student in co-curriculum. He was a President of Students Council in his last year at Maahad Tahfiz al-Quran Negeri Terengganu (IQ Terengganu). He is MOHD HATTA B. HANAFI. Al-Fatihah.

ps - I cannot write more in these days because I'm myself suffering from Chicken Pox...

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cheap Mobiles

Cheap Mobiles now is handling a great blogger's competition to celebrate their official launch. You can win $100 by subscribing to their RSS feed or by writing about them in your blog. This is a great chance. Just do two simple job and you maybe a winner. The winner will picked on February 28. You can get more informations there.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kuliah al-Furqan 2009

Kuliah al-Furqan is IQ Terengganu social service program to the community. The long history of Kuliah al-Furqan started in the middle of nineteen using the name Kelas Semasa. I was involved in this program since 2003. In 2005 Kelas Semasa became Kelas Pengajian al-Quran Hujung Minggu, and for this year it change again to Kuliah al-Furqan. The biggest changing in the program is starting from this year we open the registration yearly, and add the classes and the students.

Kuliah al-Furqan offers six major class, Asas al-Quran for those who still cannot recite al-Quran, Ulum al-Quran for those who can read al-Quran and want to improve their ability, Al-Qiraat for the expert, Arabic Language, Tafsir and the latest is Tahfiz al-Quran.

Now we are handling the registration for the first intake, which include more than 850 students. The second intake will take place after two week, which include about 250 students. We receive more than 1600 apply forms when we open it last month.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wrote early this year that we moved again, the third moving in five years. In 2004 and 2005, we were at Taman Al-Amin, Bukit Payung. In 2006 we were at Maahad Tahfiz al-Quran Negeri Terengganu quarter, then we moved to Paya Resak in 2007. We spend two years there in a beautiful small bungalow before moving to this Tun Telanai's quarter, hoping to buy our own home in the end of this year.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Language Course - Final Lesson

This is the fifth lesson from the language course. I learned a lot of new thing in this course, and hope my readers will get a good information too. Enjoy yourself...

Part 5 - Motivation for language learning

Why do most people fail in their quest to learn a foreignlanguage?
It's certainly not because they lack the ability to speak aforeign tongue.
It is most likely because they give up far too soon.
This is the single most detrimental act you can do to preventyourself from achieving your language learning goals.
There is no need to give up too soon. You have the ability tolearn a foreign language, you just need to know how to go aboutit.

The second most dangerous thing you can do, almost as costly asgiving up altogether, is to take a break. This is deadly tolanguage learners.
I have seen it happens hundreds of time. A learner takes a break,only for a few days they convince themseleves. They have otherthings to take care of, other commitments, or they simply needa break.
What happens next is that, the break of a few days turns into aweek, that turns into two weeks, eventually a month elapsesbefore they pull out the books again and find that they haveforgotten plenty of what has been learned.
Language learning is cumulative, and a break will put you backmany weeks. You will have to make up those weeks by redoing whatyou have already learned. Unfortunately our uncommitted languagelearner has had enough now and doesn't want to go back and relearnmaterial he has gone over once. That short break, like the vastmajority of shorts breaks do, eventually leads into the givingup syndrome.
Either way, the learner gives up and their goals, which are sorealistically obtainable, are never achieved.

"How to learn any language, on your own, as quickly and easily aspossible"
The definitive guide to learning any foreign language.
Click here ------->

So how do you stop your motivation from flagging in the long run?
Here a few tips on keeping your motivation going, long term.

1. Have a goal
If you don't have a goal then you can never achieve a success.Make sure you have something to aim for. You may have to pass anexam for college or to forward your career. Make your goal passingthat exam.
Of course you may not have an exam to pass. Set your own goals andset a date to reach them by. Find a text you can't yet read or a TVprogram you can't yet understand and aim to read/understand it bya certain date.
If you have a goal to aim for then you will be far more motivatedto get there.

2. Learn about the culture behind the language
Languages don't exist on their own. They have an entire culturebehind them and just about every culture on earth is fascinatingin one way or another.
There is a great amount of satisfaction to be obtained in notjust learning the language in question, but learning about the lifebehind the language.
If you are learning Russian for example you can read about Russianhistory, contemporary Russia, Russian sport, Russian television,travel in Russia and anything else about the country you desire.
This is something you will quickly become obsessed with and willonly make the language learning process far more enjoyable.

3. Plan a trip
The most useful thing you can do with any language is visit acountry where it is spoken. So set a date by which you will haveachieved a standard in your language whereby you will be able tosurvive in a foreign country.
You can then start planning the trip for that date. You don't haveto commit to anything, just research places to go, things to see,hotel and travel arrangements etc.
If you are approaching your set date and find that you areadvanced enough to make your trip, then go! There is no bettermotivation for improving your language skills than using it inaction.

4. Learn in an enjoyable way
Learn in a way that is enjoyable for you. Don't just stick tothe learning materials that you find in the bookshop. Findsomething that stirs up excitement in yourself.
If you are a sports fan get your hands on foreign sports showsand magazines. If you like cookery get a hold of some foreigncookery books and make some fine overseas cuisine. If you enjoyliterature, obtain some of the best literary pieces in thelanguage you are learning. The choices are literally endless.
If you learn in this fashion, I don't see anyway that you canlose interest in your language.
Another example of this is choosing to learn a language based onan interest you already have. If you like Karate learn Japanese.If you like calligraphy learn Chinese. If you enjoy French foodand wine, learn French. If you enjoy Hans Christian Andersennovels, learn Danish!
Always try and have a vibrant interest and passion in everythingyou do.

5. Learn the right way
Something is always more enjoyable if you do it the right way.If you learn a language in the right way it will be far moreenjoyable, and you will learn quicker to boot, increasing yourmotivation further.
I'm going to use the swimmer as a parody here. Notice theswimmer whose technique is poor. He will be fighting with thewater, ever struggling, tired and slow across the pool. Incomparison the swimmer with good technique moves with ease,speed, grace and energy.
If you learn a language with poor technique it will be hard. Itwill be a struggle. And the chances are your motivation will wane.
If you learn the right way, it will be far easier and far moreenjoyable and your motivation will always be at its peak.

This mini-course will have given you some valuable techniqueson how to learn a language. If you want to know more than visitmy website.

My e-book ‘How to learn any language... on your own, as quicklyand easily as possible' sets out exactly how you should goabout learning any language so failure is not a possibility.
I hope this edition of the mini course helps you with findingmotivation to learn a language. There is no reason why anyonecan't learn any language they choose.
I wish you good luck and every success in your language learning.
Congratulations on completing the ‘How to learn any languagemini-course'.
I hope I have given you some valuable insights into languagelearning and made the journey somewhat easier for you.
If you want more tips like those in the mini-course, click herenow to get your copy of my ebook!

I hope to hear from you soon.
All the best,David

P.S. Please feel free to forward this report to your friends andcolleagues. If you have received a forwarded copy you can get thecomplete course by clicking the following

(c) David Fisher - all rights reserved.

Repair Your Bad Credit

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Letter From Aman Palestin

Aman Palestin is among organisation who involved in helping Palestinian in Malaysia. This is a letter from Aman Palestin in Malay's language. It contain the campaign to help Palestine in these days... Nothing more...

No. 1, Jalan 3/3B, Seksyen 3, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.
Tel : 03-89267019 Fax : 03-89259963 E-mel : amanpalestin@

Tarikh : 06 Januari 2009

Kepada :
Institusi / Jabatan /Pertubuhan Organisasi / Badan-badan / Syarikat-syarikat / Masjid / Surau /Individu yang perihatin dan dermawan



Bahawa kami dari Aman Palestin mengutuskan surat ini dengan penuh harapan yang telus serta sedih kami mewakili sebahagian kecil rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin terhadap bencana yang menimpa saudara kita di Palestin khususnya Gaza.
Tujuan utama surat ini diutuskan adalah untuk menunjukkan rasa simpati serta sokongan terhadap rakyat Palestin yang kini diserang oleh rejim Zionis dengan serangan yang begitu ganas dan dahsyat serta tidak berperikemanusiaan.

Seperti mana yang kita maklum, bilangan angka kematian semakin meningkat dan kini telah mencecah lebih 500 orang dan yang tercedera seramai 2,500 orang. Kebanyakan mangsa adalah daripada penduduk awam Palestin yang majoritinya terdiri daripada “wanita dan kanak-kanak”. Manakala rumah dan penempatan mereka dimusnahkan, rakyat menjadi pelarian, ubat-ubatan kehabisan, keperluan hospital semakin mendesak, tenaga elektrik terputus, anak-anak kelaparan dan pesakit-pesakit yang cedera menunggu saat kematian menjelma.

Kini seluruh dunia merasai keperitan serangan Zionis itu. Oleh yang demikian, Aman Palestin menyeru semua institusi, organisasi, badan-badan, sayarikat-syarikat dan individu yang hidup hatinya supaya menyatakan sokongan untuk menyelamatkan Gaza dengan menganjurkan apa jua aktiviti yang sepatutnya, seperti :

1)Solat hajat.
2)Doa selamat.
3)Ceramah Palestin.
4)Demonstrasi protes.
5)Rapat umum.
6)Menggantung banner atau bunting.
7)Kutipan derma (wang / makanan / ubat-ubatan) .

Kami bersedia bekerjasama dengan pihak tuan dalam menjayakan aktiviti-aktiviti tersebut.

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi tel : 03-8926 7019, email : alquds3@streamyx. com.
Alamat : No. 1, Jalan 3/3B, Seksyen 3, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor..
Website : www.amanpalestin. org.
Sumbangan anda juga boleh disalurkan terus melalui akaun Aman Palestin seperti berikut :

Maybank Malaysia Bhd : 5622 6301 0787
Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd : 120 290 100 478 80.

Kami mengalu-alukan segala bentuk sumbangan dan kerjasama daripada pihak tuan dan kami dahului dengan ucapan “Jazakumullahu Khairan Kathira”.
Sekian, terima Kasih.

Yang benar,

Pengerusi Eksekutif,
Aman Palestin Berhad.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Language Course - Lesson Four

Did you enjoy reading this course? For me, I had some experience learning and teaching foreign language , and the tips from the course help me a lot. In the fourth lesson, the author will talk about using the Internet as a method to learn foreign language, and I prove it by myself. Last year I cannot write a single paragraph. Today I can write most of the thing I want in the 'simple' English. I hope next year I can write anything I want in the 'intermediate' skill... this improvement come from my time on-line, reading and writing...

So, here is the part 4 from the course...

Part 4 - Using the internet in language learning

Welcome to part 4 of your language learning mini-course. Today weare going to discuss how to use the internet to help you learn aforeign language.

The internet boom in the mid-nineties was supposed to be a greatevent for language learning. Instant access to vast amounts ofinformation would be available at the click of a button. Inshort, the face of language learning would be changed forever.

Fast forward a few years and do you get the impression that thepredicted boom never quite happened? Here we are, in a time wheninternet access is ubiquitous across the majority of homes inthe US and UK, yet still 99% of people looking to learn aforeign language will head down to the bookstore to buy a paperor audio cassette/CD course rather than log onto the web.
The fact of the matter is, the revolution of the internet hasactually done very little at all to change the face of languagelearning.
------------------------------------------------------------------"How to learn any language, on your own, as quickly and easily aspossible"
The definitive guide to learning any foreign language.
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So what are the reasons for this?

Well most of the language learning information that appears on thenet is not very good for a start. Many are hobbyist sites whichdisplay little information whilst larger sites on the net areoften inadequate to help you learn a language. These sites nevercontain enough audio or visual material and are nearly alwaysinferior to good, book-based, courses.

The second reason is the mass saturation of the web with uselesswebsites. There are good sites out there for language learning.There are brilliant sites that can teach you to how increase yourFrench vocabulary, or learn Chinese characters, or understand themany slang words in Spanish.

Unfortunately however, there are millions and millions of siteson the web, all vying for your attention, and the good sitescan often get lost in a sea of rubbish. Sites such as internetmalls, sites with just pages of links to other sites, are a primeexample of the sort of site which can push useful sites to thebottom of the search engines.

With thousands more sites being added everyday, the web isbecoming ever more saturated, and finding that elusive usefulsite, is becoming an ever harder task.

Why don't you go and try it out right now? Go to one of the mainsearch engines such as Google or Yahoo and try to find somesites which have some useful information about what you wantto learn. Hard isn't it?

I wouldn't be surprised if you were just swamped with poor sitesthat had absolutely no relevance to what you were actuallylooking for.

After reading this far you may begin to think that using theinternet to help you with your language learning is a completelyuseless and unproductive use of your time. You'd be mistakenhowever. Whilst the web is unlikely to ever become the top mediumfor language learning, it can provide a valuable tool to add toyour other methods of learning if you use it in the right way.

The way you use the internet for language learning is not to lookfor information, but to find foreign language materials. Thiscontradicts one of the main focal points of the net. The internetis supposed to be the information medium, a place where you cango to find out anything, at any time.

Unfortunately the saturation scenario mentioned above has madethis unrealistic, and searching for information on any topic, notjust language learning, is now an arduous and frustratingprocedure.

The correct way to use the web, is to find materials that helpyou to learn, as opposed to information. This mean authenticmaterials such as books and videos in the language you are tryingto learn. The internet provides an indispensable medium fortracking down these items.
There are two ways of going about this.

1. The first way is to actually browse the web for websites inthe language you want to learn, or you could alternatively lookfor radio stations or audio clips. This provides learningmaterials on demand, whenever, and wherever, you need them.

2. The second way is to use the web to buy books, video etc.,items you may have difficulty tracking down in your home town.The global nature of huge sites such as Amazon and Ebay, as wellas a multitude of minor internet stores, means you can find justabout anything you would ever need to learn a foreign language.

Use the internet smart and efficiently and you'll find itbecomes a powerful tool to add to your language learningrepertoire.

Want more tips like this?
Click here now to get your copy of our ebook!=====>
We've only got one more part to go now in the language learningmini-course.
In part 5 we'll discuss how to continue with your studies in thelong term, and how to never lose motivation for learning alanguage.
See you in part 5

All the best,David
P.S. Please feel free to forward this report to your friends andcolleagues. If you have received a forwarded copy you can get thecomplete course by clicking the following
(c) David Fisher - all rights reserved

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Language Course

Here is lesson three from the Language Course, hope you will enjoy it like me...

Part 3 - Finding the time to learn a foreign language

Let me guess. One of your biggest concerns about learning aforeign language is that you simply won't be able to find the timeto do so.
Your schedule is already busy enough without spending hours a dayon language learning. You have a job to go to or a business to run,you have to put food on the table after all. You have to spendtime with the family, go to the gym and keep in shape and find afew precious moments in the day in which to relax. I would bet thatyour schedule is already jam-packed as it is.
Finding the time to learn a foreign language is not hard however,you just need to put a few simple steps into practice and findingthe time to learn will be a piece of cake.
I could of course take the rude approach here and suggest that yousimply spend a little less time watching the idiot box. I won't bethat discourteous however. Learning a language should not requireany major adjustments to your current schedule and that includes TVtime.
You do have to be smart however, about where you find that timefrom and how you can put it to maximum use. This part of your mini-course discusses how you can find time to put your languagelearning skills into practice and how to achieve maximum benefitfrom that time.
------------------------------------------------------------------"How to learn any language, on your own, as quickly and easily aspossible"
The definitive guide to learning any foreign language.
Click here ------->
First thing to get out of the way is the amount of time needed tolearn a language, or how much time you should put in per day. Youdo not need to put in hours of study a day. Some people may tellyou that you need to study for a couple of hours every day butthese people obviously don't know how to learn a language. Ifyou do study for two hours a day you will quite clearly learnquicker than the person who studies for just half an hour a daybut you can learn quite satisfactorily if you do study for justhalf an hour a day.
I would probably describe the optimum amount of learning time asone hour per day. If you can manage an hour a day then you willlearn a language very quickly, and finding an hours study time isvery easy to do.
There are three key points that you should keep in mind about thetime you spend studying that are far more crucial to successfullearning than spending endless hours with your head buried in thebooks.
1. Learn something everyday - This is absolutely critical. Youcan achieve considerable success if you study for just 30-60minutes a day but you will never achieve anything if you don'tstudy every day.
Language skills are cumulative, they build on what has beenpreviously learned. If you take regular days off your learningwill be stunted quite severely. Therefore it is essential that youstudy for some amount of time, even if it is very small, everysingle day, or at the very, very least, six days a week.
2. Break study time up into small sessions - The humanconcentration span is very short. Less than 30 minutes in mostpeople. If you carry out hard study for greater than 30 minutesthen the information you are studying at the end of the sessionis unlikely to be learned adequately. You will have burned outyour powers of concentration and you will not be able to absorbanything else without a break.
This is critical for any type of learning by especially essentialfor language learning. Never, ever, study for more than half anhour at a time. Any longer than that and your are just wastingyour time and effort.
You may think the logical thing to do would be to break down anhours study into two half hour blocks a day, but you can take itmuch further than this. Language learning sessions can easily bebroken down into 15, 10 or even 5 minute sessions. You just needto have a piece of text to read or an extract of audio to listento and you can have a simple five minute session wherever you are.
This is why it is not hard to find time to learn a language.Simply carry some materials around with you and when you havesome spare moments, on your tea break or on the commute home forexample, you can pull them out and get cracking on a veryproductive 5-10 minute language learning session.
A good tactic to use is to put in half an hour of concerted effortto learn at home in the evening and use these 5-10 minute sessionswhenever you get chance throughout the day. See? It's not hard tofind time to learn a language at all.
3. Do something productive - Ensure that you make productive useof every minute of your time when language learning. If you wastetime on poor and ineffective activities you won't learnefficiently.
If you have a good book and some good exercises as set out in part2 of this mini-course then you can put every five minutes of yourlanguage learning time to good use. Make sure that every activityyou undertake is both productive and useful in achieving yourlearning goals.
In summary finding the time to learn a language is simple. 60minutes a day is sufficient, split up into small session thattake up hardly any time whatsoever. Make sure you learn somethingevery single day and put your learning sessions to constructiveuse and speaking a foreign language is not going to be difficultat all.
Want more tips like this? Want to acquire methods on how to putevery minute of your language learning time to good use?
Click here now to get your copy of our ebook!=====>
We've still got much more coming up in the next few days on yourlanguage learning mini-course.
In part 4 we'll discuss how to use the internet to help youlearn a foreign language.
See you in part 4
All the best,David

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nizhama2

Nizhama2 is one year old today. I just realize it. Thanks for all visitors to nizhama2. I'm very happy to be in this no border world, blogosphere. I met very nice people, make a lot of friends, and got the loyal readers too. For the whole year I got 10599 hits, to small in the blogosphere, but that is not my reason to blog, so nothing to worry about it.

Early October, I started to monetize this blog and earned USD350 in three months, not bad for a beginner. I think I did great in my prime goal : to write in English. I feel more confident in this language after this amazing year with nizhama2.

I have a lot of dreams for 2009, especially for nizhama2. I hope I will have my own domain before the end of this year... A full report for nizhama2 in the next posting, IN SYA ALLAH.

Stay Sharp


Once upon a time a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant, and he got it. The pay was really good and so were the work conditions. For that reason, the woodcutter was determined to do his best.

His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he was supposed to work. The first day, the woodcutter brought 18 trees.

"Congratulations," the boss said. "Go on that way!" Very motivated for the boss' words, the woodcutter try harder the next day,but he only could bring 15 trees. The third day he try even harder, but he only could bring 10 trees. Day after day he was bringing less and less trees.

"I must be losing my strength", the woodcutter thought. He went to the boss and apologized, saying that he could not understand what was going on.

"When was the last time you sharpened your axe?" the boss asked. "Sharpen? I had no time to sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees."

Our lives are like that. We sometimes get so busy that we don't take time to sharpen the axe." In today's world, it seems that everyone is busier than ever, but less happy than ever. Why is that? Could it be that we have forgotten how to stay sharp?

There's nothing wrong with activity and hard work. But God doesn't want us to get so busy that we neglect the truly important things in life, like taking time to pray, to read. We all need time to relax, to think and meditate, to learn and grow.

If we don't take time to sharpen the axe, we will become dull and lose our effectiveness. So start today. Think about the ways by which you could do your job more effectively and add a lot of value to it.

No Passion To Blog

Israel started to attack Gazza since nine days ago. Everyday the only thing that make my tear drop is seeing what happen to Palestinian but not much that I can do. I have no passion to blog for now. I'm still on line, but with the hearth broken and without happiness. The life is unfair, but we have to live this life and believe what God promise us :

[and it was due (to them) upon Us to help the believers.] [Ar-Rum 30:47].

I believe that with all my hearth. I believe if this not happen in this world, it will happen in another world. For my brotherhood at Palestine, my DOA is always with all of you, and for all the mankind too.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


مقترحات مهمة في نصرة أهلنا في غزة

قد يصاب بعض الناس من أهل الغيرة والحمية ، وخاصة الشباب بنوع من الإحباط أو اليأس وهم يشهدون ما يجري في غزة من حرب صهيوينة ومتصهينة قذرة ، وحق لهم أن يتألموا .. ولكن ربما تصرف بعضهم تصرفاتٍ غير مشروعة ، لا يرجعون فيها لعالم معتبر ، ولا سياسي حاذق . ولهؤلاء يقال : السكينة السكينة .. يمكنكم أن تصنعوا شيئا في نصرة المسلمين بطرق مشروعة مرجوة النفع مأمونة العواقب ، إزاء ما يجري من حرب وحصار لإخواننا في غزة . بإمكاننا كأفراد أن نقوم بجهود نصرة شرعية قانونية مؤثِّرة إن شاء الله تعالى ، على المدى القريب والبعيد ، وهذه بعض الأمثلة للوسائل المشروعة المتاحة أذكرها على سبيل التنبيه لا الحصر : المثال الأول : الدعاء لإخواننا في غزّة في مواطن إجابة الدعاء ، والقنوت لنازلتهم ، وقد أفتى بذلك في هذه القضية بالذات سماحة مفتي عام المملكة الشيخ عبد العزيز بن عبد الله آل الشيخ حفظه الله لكل من سأله . كيف وقد وجدنا في الأنباء أنَّ حاخامات يهود يدعون إلى الصلاة من أجل تحرير جندي ظالم ، وفي عدد من دول العالم هب الصهاينة لنصرة إخوانهم الصهاينة في أرض الإسلام المحتلة بشكل عجيب .. فما أهوننا إن لم نرفع أيدينا إلى الله عز وجل نطلب منه الغوث لأهلنا في غزة ، ونتضرع إليه طلبا للطفه سبحانه بالأجنة في بطون الحوامل ، والصغار في أحضان الأمهات ، والشيوخ في قارعة الطريق ، والمصابين والمرضى في عنابر المشافي وغرف الإنعاش . والثاني : الدعم المعنوي من خلال تثبيت أهلنا في غزة ، بكل الوسائل الإعلامية المتاحة ، ومن أيسرها المجموعات البريدية والمنتديات الفسطينية التي يكثر زوارها هذه الأيام ، وغيرها ، وكشف الحقائق الشرعية في مفهوم النصر ، وحكم الشارع في اتخاذ الشهداء ( ويتخذ منكم شهداء ) .. مع التأكيد في وسائل الإعلام والمنتديات العربية والإسلامية على عظم إثم التثبيط ، فضلا عن عواقب الخيانة والغدر بأهل الرباط ، والتحذير من العمالة للعدو .. وكشف كل مؤامرات الخيانة لتتضح الحقيقة للناس ويميز الله الخبيث من الطيب . والثالث : الدعم المادي من خلال جميع القنوات الشرعية المتاحة ، ولا يخلو بلد إسلامي من منظمات موثوقة وجمعيات خيرية رائدة ، قادرة على توصيل المعونات والإمدادات . ولدينا في المملكة يمكن تقديم التبرعات لحسابات بنكية تابعة للجنة فلسطين في الندوة العالمية للشباب الإسلامي ، وهيئة الإغاثة . والرابع : الكشف الإعلامي للحقائق المتعلقة بأسرانا في فلسطين ، أعداداً وأوضاعا ، وأحوالا ، فليزر من يروم نصرة إخوتنا في فلسطين - على سبيل المثال - مواقع الأسرى على الشبكة العالمية ، وليحكِ منها للناس بعض ما يجد من معاناة امرأة أو طفل أسير أو شيخ قد بلغ من الكبر عتيا ! أو مولود فلسطيني ولد أسيرا في عنابر السجون الصهيونية الظالمة ! فربما رقّ مؤمن فانتصر بالدعاء الذي قد لا يرد ، أو اطلع ذو مالٍ فاتقى الله في ماله وبذل ، أو قرأ خصم فارعوى ورجع ، أو بلغ من هو أوعى من قاريء . ومثله كشف الحقائق المتعلقة باللاجئين الذين يحل محلهم ظلما وعدوانا قطعان المستوطنين في المغتصبات الصهيونية الظالمة . والخامس : إبراز كل ما يتعلق بجهود المقاطعة الشعبية وأسبابها المشروعة ، من خلال مواقع المقاطعة الشعبية للكيان الصهيوني على الشبكة العالمية وغيرها ، ومنها مواقع عديدة معروفة ومليئة بالحقائق الميدانية ، والمزيد من الأفكار العملية المشروعة التي تحتاج إلى مزيد تفعيل ، لتساهم في بقاء القضية الإسلامية حية في نفوس الأمة ، وتوعية الرأي العام العالمي بها من خلال عرض كل جديد وتوضيحه مدعما بالوثائق والأدلة . وعدم نسيان الحقائق المتعلقة بالجهود الصهيونية في محاولة هدم المسجد الأقصى ، وما يجري منهم تحته من أعمال حفر وتنقيب ، وخلخلة لمبانيه ، وامتهان لأرضه ، وتهديد بذلك على أيدي العصابات الصهيونية شديدة التطرف ، وكذا محاولاتهم السيئة في تغيير التركيبة السكانية في القدس المحتلة . والسادس : كشف خطوات التطبيع الظالم ، والإفادة في ذلك من إحصائيات المواقع الموثوقة التي أنشأتها المؤسسات الإسلامية والعربية في البلاد التي تضرر أهلها من التطبيع ، ولم يجنوا منه غير الفساد في الاقتصاد والزرع والنسل ، وتيسير الاختراق الصهيوني للبلاد العربية والإسلامية ومؤسساتها الحيوية المهمة . والسابع : كشف الحقد الصهيوني وكشف دعاواه الباطلة ، لدى الرأي العام العربي والعالمي ، ونشر الصور التي تكشف حقيقة ما يجري من مجازر ، ولا سيما صور الأطفال والشيوخ ، التي يغيبها الإعلام المتواطيء مع العدو وعملائه ، أو العاجز عن نقل الصورة بنفسه من ميدان المعركة . الثامن : وهو خاص بمتقني اللغة العبرية : المشاركة في المنتديات العبرية ، وتوهين العدو من خلال منتديات الصهاينة واليهود المحتلين على الشبكة العالمية ، بكشف جوانب مهمة لقراء تلك المنتديات من الصهاينة ، وتوضيح خداع زعمائهم لهم ، وبيان خطر جريمتهم على واقعهم ومستقبلهم ، وترجمة بيانات المقاومة التي تتوعدهم .. هذه أمثلة لبعض الأمور التي يمكننا أن نقوم بها دون عناء بصورة مشروعة مأمونة . نسأل الله عز وجل أن ينصر الإسلام والمسلمين ، وأن يوفق ولاة أمور المسلمين للقيام بكل ما يطيقون من جهد في نصرة الحق وأهله ، ورفع الظلم عن إخواننا المسلمين في كل مكان .

د.سعد بن مطر العتيبي

Do you wish to know?

Save Palestine now... They need our voice... and action.

I have no word for this... these pictures told the story...

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Language Course - Part Two

Here are the second lesson from the language course, hope you will enjoy reading it...

Part 2 - Choosing Foreign Language Learning Books and Tapes

Go into a bookstore or browse around the internet and you will
more than likely be inundated with dozens of books and courses
on the language you want to learn.

They will all make huge promises to entice you to part with your
cash to get your hands on their products.

‘Speak fluent French in just three months!'

‘Learn Italian in 15 minutes a day!'

‘Speak Spanish with no effort whatsoever'

is what they will no doubt say.

It's an unfortunate state of affairs that 99% of the books and
courses on the foreign language learning market are simply poor.
There is no other way of putting it.

Go into your local book shop and pick up one of the items you
see there. Go home put it into action and months later it will
be unlikely that you will have learned anything in the foreign
language you have chose to learn.

Cue frustrated failure, and the inevitable ‘giving up syndrome'.

There are any number of reasons why the quality of foreign
language learning materials are so poor. Developers who don't
understand the needs of the language learner, Producers more
concerned with style rather than content. Course designers using
outdated or unproductive methods.

Whatever the reasons, I am not here to discuss those. What I do
intend to do however is put you on the right track to choosing a
language learning course that is suitable for you.

If you choose a good book or course to learn a foreign language
then your success is practically assured. Indeed choosing the
correct course is just as critical as putting it into action.

There are a number of criteria that any language course that you
are intending on buying should meet. When you look at, or test any
course, you should ask yourself if it meets the crucial criteria
set out below.

If the book or course you are looking at fails to meet the
criteria then you should move on and look for something else.
If you choose a bad course you are making an error that could
prove terminal to your language learning goals.

"How to learn any language, on your own, as quickly and easily as

The definitive guide to learning any foreign language.

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Criteria 1 - Audio content and lots of it

The most basic flaw that any language learning course makes is to
include next to no audio whatsoever.

Next time you are around the shops in your local area go into a
bookstore and look around at the language learning books and

Count how many tapes are included with all the books available.

Not many I would wager.

Most course include a couple of tapes or CDs, some may include
a few more, and very bad courses will include non at all.

It amazes me how so called experts in the field of language
learning believe people can learn a foreign language without
even hearing it in action, let alone putting it into use.

It is also a fact that foreign languages are best learned using
the audial skills of speaking and listening. In the vast majority
of languages, reading and writing follow the rules set out by the
spoken language, and can be learned easily once the basics of
the spoken language have been learned.

You should always strive to learn the basics of the spoken
language before moving onto the written language.

Ensure that any course you buy includes lots and lots of tapes or
CDs, and that the main emphasis of the course is on the spoken
component of the language.

If a course expects you to learn a language by reading a book and
listening to minimal dialogue, leave it alone. After you have
finished you may know all of the grammar rules in the language but
you won't be able to understand a word when you meet a foreigner or complete a comprehensive sentence in return.

Criteria 2 - Active User Involvement

How active will you be when using the course you are considering?

Will you just be reading grammar rules and extracts of text or
will you just be listening to foreign dialogues?

If that is all what you will be doing, put the course back on the
shelf in haste. This will do you no good whatsoever.

Any course worth its salt should induce much active involvement
on the part of the learner.

Going back to the earlier theme of spoken skills being the most
crucial in any foreign language, the course you are using should
include active spoken practice, and an abundance of it.

In the best format, this will involve the audio component of your
course either prompting you to translate sentences, or allowing
you to take part in a staged conversation. After you have
responded to each question the audio will ideally present the
answer for you, so you have a reference as to how accurate your
replies were.

If you find a course which does this then you are on to a winner.
Snap it up immediately and never look back. You are going to
learn your language, and fast.

Criteria 3 - A good ending

You should always consider where you will be when you finish the
course you are examining before you invest your hard earned money
on it.

Ignore the title for a moment. That ‘Learn French in three
months' on the cover with its bright picture and glossy
presentation is a sales pitch and completely inaccurate as to what
you will find inside the covers.

You should instead look through the books and consider what you
will have learned by the time you have finished the course.

Look at the exercises and reading extracts later in the book and
see what sort of level they are at. Would you be able to read
real life material if you can read the book exercises?

Listen to the last section of audio on the course. How fast and
complex is the reading? Is it at a level which you want to
attain? Would it be enough to allow you to understand a
foreign speaker?

Browse through the later exercises, written and audio. How
advanced does this book expect you to be? Are you happy with

Check the word list or dictionary at the back of the book. How
many words does that course expect you to learn? Once you know
2000 foreign words you will be able to understand 90% of spoken
material and 80% of written material in the foreign language.
Will the course give you this foundation of words in the foreign

Always consider where you are likely to be once you have finished
the course. Ideally you should be advanced enough to have a
conversation, albeit simple one, with a foreigner and be able to
get the gist of TV shows and newspapers even if you don't know
every word.

If the course will not take you to this level, or you are not
happy with what you will achieve, look elsewhere.

Meet the criteria set out above and you are going to learn a
foreign language and learn it fast. The search may be quite tough
to find a quality course. Don't give up. There is quality out
there and once found your learning won't ever be the same again.


There is still much more coming up in the rest of the course
including, how to find the time in your busy schedule to learn a
foreign language, and how to use the internet to help you learn
a language.

See you in part 3

All the best,

P.S. Please feel free to forward this report to your friends and
colleagues. If you have received a forwarded copy you can get the
complete course by clicking the following link.

(c) David Fisher - all rights reserved.

A Week Without A Word

My last posting was on Dec 25, last Thursday, and here today another Thursday. We (nizhama) were moving to our new home at Kuarters Tun Telanai, and were very busy. Make the thing worse, the internet connection was cut, and we need another one week before it is reconnected. I think TM should do some thing about this. I moved to the same area but have to wait 2 weeks before I get back my phone and internet connection.

Anyway Happy New Year : 1430 Hijriyah and 2009 Miladiyah. Of course I have my own dream for this year, maybe I will share it later... Maybe not...

I have a lot of thing to write, but not much time... There are tones of works in front of me now, so I have to leave.