Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hammad get chicken pox

I just recovered from chicken pox, but my son Hammad just got it. Yesterday we saw some small 'chicken pox' on his body, and I brought him to the clinic immediately, but the doctor couldn't confirm it.

Today my wife saw more 'chicken pox' on Hammad body, especially at his face, and I brought him to the clinic at 4 pm. Yes, he got the chicken pox. Fortunately the doctor told us that usually it is only take five days for Hammad to recovered, not like his father who have to wait for 2 weeks. We hope Hammad will be fine soon. Please pray for him...


Jerry said...

I think your English writing is very good. Here's what I would change:
"I immediately took him to the clinic." The doctor couldn't confirm it.

Hammond's body.....I took him ..."
They confirmed it, he has the chicken pox.

it usually takes ....for someone to recover; unlike me, who took 2 weeks.

Hope this helps. I will pray for you, Hammond and your family.

God bless

NIZHAMA said...

thanks so much Jerry for your suggestions.. I'm appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

nampak macam sihat jer..:)