Monday, June 30, 2008


Spain is the winner of EURO 2008 and they deserve it. They played very well early in this morning and Torres score the only goal in 33rd minute. This is the first time I watched the whole match since EURO 2008 begun on Jun 6. I watched the match between Germany and Turkey in semi final but there is a problem with signal from the venue. For me Spain did it very well. They conquer the match and had more than 14 shoots, and Germany was off performance. Germany lost and their fan was a loser too. This is life. One day you win and the other day you lost. But the real one is after death... DO YOU WANT TO BE A WINNER THERE OR A LOSER???

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have a lot of thing to write today, but in the same time today is a 'busy day' for me, so I have to write in a very short time...

In the morning, we in IQ Terengganu had two famous visitor. One of them is Tan Sri Sheikh Ismail al-Hafiz, who -we can say- was a founder of Maahad Tahfiz al-Quran Terengganu (which became IQ Terengganu now ). The other one is Ustaz Hasrizal, who is very famous between Islamic bloggers as saifulislam

Tan Sri Sheikh Ismail al-Hafiz was invited to give some lessons to our 'Qari' and 'Qariah' who will represent Terengganu in 'Musabaqah Tilawah al-Quran Peringkat Kebangsaan'... Ustaz Hazrizal was invited to give motivation to our students to became an excellent's student... I was involved in the second program (with Ustaz Hasrizal ) and had a good time there. He is a good motivator and I hope that I have his spirit to motivate the students..

Another thing happen to me today in the evening. I'm now member of Nuffnang... I don't know why, but I just do it... Nothing to lost aaa...

And don't forget what will happen tonight....


Tonight -maybe-I will be among millions who spent their night in front of their tv. It's Euro 2008 Final. It's between Germany and Spain. And guess which team I will support??? It GERMANY. I have been Germany's fan for more than 25 years. It's start when my first time watching football in 1982. I still remember when my dad, my brother and me myself woke up early in the morning - 2 a.m - only to see Germany lost to Italy in final FIFA WORLD CUP 1982. Since that I'm always with Germany (and they win FIFA WORLD CUP in 1990 and EURO 1996 ).

My brother was Italy's supporter in 1982. He won. Tonight he will be Spain's fan and I hope that history will not return. Go GERMANY go...

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We always read in Islamic book that our 'ulama' was memorize al-Quran when they were seven to ten year old. We found in the book that they can recite al-Quran (30 juz) in a day. Sometime we think that is impossible. But that's what happen. I can see with my eye that my student can recite al-Quran (30 juz) in two or three days, and my friend told me that he did it (recite al_Quran 30 juz in a day)... My ex-student Amir has a good posting about this...


Talking about dream, I'm sure everyone has his dream. Sometime we know that is only a dream. In another time we think we can make our dream to reality. Then we realize it's just a dream, only happen when we sleep...

I have my 'very little ' dream too... I don't know if sharing this is good for me or not, but this is my blog. I have to write what I want to write as long as it not hurt other people. So I will write about my 'hidden dream' today...

I studied in Saudi Arabia between 1989-1997 in Islamic University of Madinah. I learned Islamic Studies there in Arabic Language and got my BA in 1997. After graduated, I work with MAIDAM from 1998 until today. I'm now study in Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDIM) for my MA, but still working as a teacher in IQ Terengganu. When I was in Madinah, I was oppose those who learn Islamic Studies in West Country like USA or UK... I always say to my self : Why should somebody learning Islamic Studies in these countries? Islam is begin at Makkah and Madinah, and that is the place people should learn Islam...

But as a human we always change our mind resulting of the place and the time. Last year I found the book which contain the 'fatwa' from our 'ulama' who live in Europe. Yes, some of their 'fatwa' are different from 'fatwa' make by our 'ulama' from Arabic Countries . This book make my eyes open. As a student from Madinah, I'm always support the 'fatwa' from Saudi Arabia, and I didn't change my opinion for that. Our 'ulama' from Saudi Arabia are the best in Islamic knowledge ect... But my opinion in study Islamic Studies in Western Country is change. I can see from that book, our 'ulama' from Europe are not less. Their knowledge is not less from their friend from Arabic Country. But they live in the different situation that make their 'fatwa' different too. They see in the 'fatwa' something that their friends from Islamic Countries couldn't see it. And this is what our famous 'ulama' Dr Yusuf al-Qardhawi always say : Different fatwa resulting of different place and time...

As I mention before, for me our 'ulama' from Arabic Countries are the best. They live in the place which Islam is begin. But It doesn't mean that we only accept their 'fatwa' and refuse to accept other 'fatwa' especially the world has change too much nowday .

So... What is my 'hidden' dream??? My 'a very little hidden' dream is to study in Western Country for my PhD... Is it funny?? I know that is just a dream. A dream that not came true. With my situation and my 'bad' English, there are no opportunity for me to learn there. But to be a dreamer no one can change it.... And if (if) ((and another if)) I has given that chance, I will do my best to get my PhD in English... so my BA in Arabic, my MA in Malay and my PhD in English... What a dream...

p/s my 'hidden' dream begun last year... and just last week my boss encourage us to make our MA or PhD in English... But I don't have chance for that...

Friday, June 27, 2008


‘Hancock: A different kind of superhero’ Contest

I knew about this contest since the first day as I go to AMBP everyday.
Today is the last day for the contest, and I have some time to 'kill',
so why not I have some fun with HANCOCK...

Here’s what I have to do:

1) Answer the following two (2) questions .
i) Who plays the eponymous character in the movie Hancock?
Will Smith
ii) Fill in the blanks: In a bid to save a
whale , Hancock heaves it out to sea,
only to see it smash a sailboat.

2) Post an entry about Hancock

I was invited by the Justice League Heroes to enter their monthly meeting yesterday. Why???
Because they don't get a enough member. They are to busy to save this world.
Only five of them are free. They are Superman (The Chairman), Batman, The Flash,
Green Arrow and Hawk Girl.
The meeting was too long and bored and I hope that I was not there until ...

Superman : We go to the last agenda for today meeting...

I just received an application from HANCOCK to be a member of our Justice League.

He is a new hero from Hollywood and he’s faster than a speeding bullet,

more powerful than a locomotive, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Batman : Just a film and want to be our member??? No way...

Hawk Girl :
I like him... I like him... He is too 'cute' aaa..

Batman : Are you blind??? I cannot hold his smelt... yek...

Green Arrow : I like him to... I want him to be our member...

I want to show him my new arrow. It's from Mexico.

The Flash : He cannot save the world. We need a hero who love people like us...

He just do all that thing for fun. I'm oppose him...

Hawk Girl : Please let him join us. I cannot wait to see him...

Superman : I like him, but ... he will take my place aaa...

He is stronger than me... He will 'kill' me...

Hawk Girl : He will kill nobody here... I promise

that... He to 'nice'.... I want him... I want him... I want him...

The Flash : Who write this script?? Nothing fun with this script...,

No hero, no crime... no action... I cannot accept this. I don't want to act in this series aaaa...

Hancock :
I'm the writer... Do you have a problem with that?
I want to be a new boss for this league... Any problem...

Nizhama: Hey... This is my blog... I'm the writer...
Don't try to cheat aaa... Now get out from my blog...
(( I did that to the super heroes???? , But this is my blog.
I write what I want.... YES))

Monday, June 23, 2008


Look at my face aaa...

Assalamualaikum, who's on net?

a romantic couple (hope ever after Dunia n Akhirat)


I have a problem with the time management. I think this is not my problem only, but the biggest problem for a lot of people. I think that most of us don't have a good 'altitude' in time management. Again. I think. I'm not sure about that. But for I'm sure hundred percent that I have problem to menage my time.

I lost much of my golden time, wasting my time with something not important and do a lot of unimportant thing like posting this unnecessary thing. I used more time posting in English than Melayu language or Arabic Language, but I still use my 'bad' English, using more time... Wasting more time... But I'm always a 'positive thinker'. I'm always believe everything is 'good' in 'somewhere'. Maybe it's look 'very bad', but in the same time, it still have a 'good' value. Maybe We can see it. Maybe not. Maybe the latest posting from Amir (19 Jun) have a similar thing that what I want to say.

I didn't up date my blog because there are a lot of thing happen to me in these days. In Wednesday and Thursday, We have a workshop to review the IQ Terengganu syllabus, so we have to work from morning to evening (and for someone : to night.. he3) in that two days... but we have a good result for. For my team (Language Team : Ustaz Zaini, Ustaz Azizul and me) we had finish our work and gave it to our boss on time. Congratulation to my time. (naik lif pandai2 tekan sendiri la)... He333

I'm always busy with 'pakcik-pakcik' and 'makcik-makcik' on Friday and Saturday, teaching them Al-Quran and Arabic Language... so no time on Friday and Saturday... At the evening in Saturday, we (my wife, my son and my self) went to my mom's house in Bukit Bading. She stay alone now because my father is at Jerteh, Besut. He is a member of Tabligh, and now do his job as 'pendakwah' there for 40 days. He will return after tomorrow. I'm very proud of my father. In his age, he using his time in this way. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Yesterday, I had to accompany my wife to Sultanah Nor Zahirah Hospital. And like usual we will spent a lot of time waiting and waiting and waiting in hospital. So all of our morning's time was at hospital...

And today... I used about half of an hour writing this posting. (harap berbaloi...) And ... my classes of course. That is my major responsibility...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



My wife got her license to be a teacher

a beautiful morning

like a cattle

full of light

look at his hand, what do you see??

like father like son

first time riding marry go round

on the top...

My posting today is about our first family's vacation (out side Terengganu of course, we had a lot of vacation in Terengganu before) and our first choice is Genting Highland. Why Genting Highland? There are a lot of pleasure place in Malaysia but we went to Genting Highland for more than a reason. Last year my lovely wife bought a vcd for my son. It's about learning Arabic alphabet (learning IQRA) and their shooting location is at Genting Highland. I promised my son if he can memorized some songs in the vcd, I will bring him there, and he did it. He can memorized it quickly and I had to fulfill my promising...

In the same time, my wife graduate ceremony was at Institut Perguruan Antarabangsa which located near Malaya University, so we decided to kill two birds with one shot. We went to Kuala Lumpur on December 9, the ceremony was on December 11, and we went to Genting on December 13. Before that we were at my wife's sister's house at Pandah Indah.

There are nothing to me and my wife at Genting Highland. We are not the kind of people that enjoy the marry go round etc.., but for my kid, that day was like at his dream.

So that was our first experience in family's vacation..

p/s I have three outdoor theme park which will expire in the end of Jun, and will receive two ticket to a magical show at Genting (expired in the end of August), but I don't think that we will go there again... We want to go to another place for future vacation... So what must I do with the tickets???

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hammad.. hammad..

What a big smile...

Smile again.. and again.. and again..

what a stunt???


Last Thursday was a history day for IQ's lectures. We were celebrated by our students in a great ceremony. HAPPY BELATE TEACHER'S DAY. better late than never. In fact, we were still in exam when the real TEACHER'S DAY were celebrated last month. A happy day for all of us. A very great day for the teachers. And a relax day for the students. Unfortunately I could not attend the party because I had another commitment on that day. I must go to a gathering with the TNC of Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia. As a post graduate student, I'm in my last week in the first semester and this gathering is very important to me. But, jeng... jeng... jeng...

I was awarded as


Maybe, this blog make the students think that I'm very active... he3

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oil royalty goes straight to state

(New Straits Time 15/6/2008)
Rosli Zakaria and Zainuddin Muhamad

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi launching the East Coast Economic Region Development Council. With him is its chief executive officer Datuk Jebasingam Issace John.
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi launching the East Coast Economic Region Development Council. With him is its chief executive officer Datuk Jebasingam Issace John.

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu government will manage the state's oil royalty with immediate effect, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced yesterday.

The announcement finally puts to rest the thorny issue of control of the state's annual five per cent oil royalty, which the Federal Government withdrew on Sept 5, 2000, deciding instead to channel it directly to the people through development projects.

The decision had a huge impact on Terengganu, leading to situations where the state government was not consulted on projects approved and implemented by the various ministries.

"We will have further discussions on the procedures (to return the oil royalty). But the five per cent stays," Abdullah said after a closed-door meeting with the state Umno divisional, Youth, Wanita and Puteri wings here.

Asked if the decision meant that the civil suit filed by the state government in 2001 (which was then led by Pas) had been dropped, Abdullah pointed at Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said and said: "You have to ask him that."
But Ahmad declined to comment on the announcement, asking everyone instead to be patient until the details are finalised.

The amount due to the state government could not be immediately ascertained but sources believe that it is in the region of RM8 billion accumulated over the past eight years.

Regardless of the amount and Ahmad's call for patience, the people of Terengganu wasted no time in celebrating the announcement.

Opposition parties were delighted with the amicable solution reached between the Federal and state governments on the issue.

State Pas deputy commissioner Datuk Harun Taib said the people had been waiting for this for a long time, adding that it was decent of the prime minister to settle the issue out of court.

"Now, the onus is on the state government to be responsible with the five per cent royalty money which translates into billions of ringgit.

"Future development should benefit everyone and not just some of the people, as the money belongs to the people of Terengganu," said the Manir assemblyman, who wants to see more employment opportunities in the state.

Kuala Terengganu Parti Keadilan Rakyat division chief Dr Abdul Manaf Mat said that even with developments to be undertaken by the state government, there should be a lot of money left for the people.

"If I'm not mistaken, the arrears alone is in the region of RM9 billion and surely, with prudent investment by the state government, the state should never have to worry about money again.

"Part of such a huge amount should go directly to the people in the form of waivers on quit rents, assessment fees and other burdensome taxation."

Abdul Manaf said priority should go to the agricultural sector and the state should be turned into one of the top food producers in the country.

Kuala Terengganu MIC division chairman Dr Dayal Krishnan said the small Indian community in the state should also benefit from the oil royalty by being included in the state government's poverty eradication and housing plans.

Scholarships should also be awarded to Indian students and funds allotted for the building and maintenance of Hindu temples, he said.

(I'm sure that people of Terengganu are very happy for this)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


This for today, more pictures later.


Many of my ex-student visited my blog yesterday. Thanks to Zul Fadhli who gave me a link to Ikram in Morocco. From there I can go to many of my ex-student's blogs. Now I have my own community : IQT (MTANT) EX-STUDENT...

Thanks to Zul Fadhli, Ikram, Nabila and Fitri who visited me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



For the first time in history, Terengganu be the host for SUKMA and then get a highest gold medals . Our Menteri Besar is very happy, so he gave us a day off yesterday. Terengganu got 61 gold medals. In the past, we only got about 10-20 gold medals. Our targets only 40, but we did 61. We also win gold medal in football. (Tak sempurna juara keseluruhan kalau tak menang bola - orang kata, bukan saya kata )

People in Terengganu are very happy yesterday, but in same time we are still talking about 'petrol tsunami' on Jun 5. Now we are happy and sad in the same time. What can we do. This is life. Whatever happen, we must go on our life.

forget the 'petrol tsunami' for a second, now we celebrate our history time WE ARE THE CHAMPION...

p/s In the same time, Nadal beat Federer 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 (Federer kena katok-yes) in France Open to win his fourth GP in France. He was unbeatable there. I'm one of his fan. But not the crazy one. he he he... (I don't know why I always chose not to support the best- Federer is rank no 1, Nadal no 2) and BMW Sauber made one-two in Canada Grand Prix in F1. Kubica did his best performance and Heidfeld made it better.

Monday, June 9, 2008


I checked All Malaysian Blogger Project this evening... and what a surprise.. I win The Fulfilling Dreamz Contest. I just entered the contest for fun and now get rewarded. What a lucky man I am. He he he. The contest is still on. You can go to AMBP site to try. It is very easy. A 'very bad' in English like me can win it. So why not you?

This is the first time I win a contest, hoping that is not the last. I want to win again and again... he he he...

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I just returned from Port Dickson yesterday. I went there with IQ's lectures to do some work on Thursday. What a weird trip. A full work day on Friday, but with a good memory in Nilam 3 at the evening and BBQ at the night. Saturday is a return trip day. And today another relax day... I will write about the journey later, with my sweet family's journey to CH, but i made a big mistake because I did not bring my camera with me, so no pictures for the journey (luckily one of us bring his camera, so maybe I have some picture to share later).

Last week I finished the IQ academic schedule on Monday night, and the class start on Tuesday. We have a ceremony from last year's student on Wednesday, not a graduate ceremony, just a small 'kenduri kesyukuran' from the students to Intheir lectures . This is a good traditional here in IQ.

Two of my ex-student, Hafizuddin Pauzi and Najmuddin visited my blog last week and dropped some comment in shout box. I'm very happy for that. I hope that more my ex-student will visit my blog later.

This for today.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


comel tak saya???

baru lepas Felda Aring, tengokla muka tension tu... tapi bersemangat...

mana pokok kektus ni???

Bunga oh bunga

Berdua je? mana abah ni???

afi dan ummi.. Abah jadi cameraman la

Dari bilik hotel equatorial...


I just returned from my journey on Tuesday, had a 'big day' on Wednesday, a 'relax day' on Thursday, a 'bad day' on Friday, my nephew's weeding on Saturday. And today, I have to finish my work on IQ academic schedule... So no time for writing about my sweet journey.... Maybe tomorrow or after tomorrow or after after tomorrow or after after after ...