Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If you read my latest posting, you knew that I’m at my first step to the serious making money on line. In fact I’m not that serious. What I mean is I will use more serious method to make money. All of this drives me to the new world. Last Friday was an amazing day for me. I set up my own web site, using my own domain and have my own account for the hosting. I didn’t regret to buy Rahsia ClickBank because of the knowledge I got from it. Don’t forget: Knowledge is priceless.

I don’t know anything about server before, or the routers. But today I know what people talk about in this field, at least the basic. When surfing the internet searching about all of this, I visited many sites. One of them, infinit-tech.com attract me more than others. They offer their services for the networking, telecommunication, server equipment, and service for IBM, Avaya, HP, Nortel and Cisco Systems.

If you like to buy the servers product, you can get it here. They offer various products from Dell, HP/Compaq, Senece Data and other company. You can choose any product from their page. For the networking security, their products are the country’s most widely purchased product for protecting valuable data.

For more information about infinit-tech.com, you can click here.