Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Handphone (plus Hammad's OneStation)

Hammad's OneStation

My PDA phone

I should write this posting on Monday, when I receive my phone and Hammad's OneStation from DealExtreme, but quite busy here. My father called me on Sunday, telling me that he receive the stuff from Hong Kong. I told him about my phone and Hammad's toy. He just scared some one try to 'scam' me. You know, nowadays many scammers on our planet. (I'm scare too)

As I promised, I will answer to my own questions :

1- Did the custom charge me anything?
No, no tax on my stuff. Thanks to our custom.

2- Did the stuff work properly?
Of course -for now-. Hammad was very happy with his toy. He plays with it everyday from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm (This is our law, he can play at that time only, after that he have to learn IQRA', he is in the end of IQra'2 now, and make his homework - a 4 years old boy have homework???). I cannot opened my battery's cover first, but wife did it, then we have problem to unlock the phone, no instruction in the guide book, but then everything is well...

Now I have to fulfill my promise. I will buy a digital camera for my wife. Unfortunately, I used all my paypal money to buy RC, so I will buy it of-line, as soon as possible. So it's a phone for me, a 'big toy' for Hammad and a digital camera for my lovely honey... soon IN SYA ALLAH.