Monday, February 16, 2009

Didn't sleep for two nights

I didn't sleeps for two nights. On Friday at 11.30 pm, I receive an e-mail telling me that my hosting was ready to use. I started to set up my own site immediately. I made a very big mistake. I went to my cpanel (first time hearing about cpanel) and discovered what in it. Then I started to up load my files to my own hosting. I did it manually. Anybody who know how to set up a site will laugh at me -I think-. I spend about 3 hours up loading my files. Then I opened my site, but disappointed because it was not working well. No images. Then I realised I have to put the right files into the right folder. I Created the folders and moved the files to the right folders and I did it at cpanel... again, manually. If you want to laugh, just laugh, I don't hear you... At the end of the road I was very proud with myself because I did it. My site is working properly. You can visit it here.

After spending about more than 4 hours, I read the instructions in the e-book, Rahsia ClickBank (The Secret of The ClickBank) and found about FileZilla. Thera are a simple way to up load the files, but I did the hard one just because I didn't read the instructions first. - I used the FileZilla to up load the auto responder etc tools on Saturday's night, and it is too easy, very very easy and just in minutes-.

I didn't sleep for another night, Saturday's night. I will talk about that in my next posting. Two nights without sleeping is my own record - after marriage-. Now I have flu, and last night I sleep like a baby...