Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I knew about BE from suzette site. I registered to be BE member about a month ago and my blog was approved on 21 July. Since that moment my blog traffic increase magically. I know BE members just surf for my site about a minute per click, but for the new blogger like me, it's enough. I can see my blog grow from a small seed. I enjoy this moment hoping that it will be a big tree. A very big tree that give me a lot of fruits. (just a dream)

I'm now very active in BE. If you go to BE you can see my name at Blog Tycoon, Blog Rocket and Battle of The Blog. And I have my luck at Blog Tycoon. I was already get more that 250 credits bonus from Blog Tycoon. But I was unlucky at BOTB. My record is 2-6, but I have nothing to lose. I get 15 hit minimum each time I take the challenge, so nothing to scare. My ranking is still better than stik (you know him is you a BE member). I do all of this for fun and in same time increase my traffic, so two in one laa. I have to do something to improve my blog. I don't want to lose and lose and lose again. I don't care but in the same time I don't want to be a loser.

This is my unique visitor before and after being BE member. My average unique before using BE was between 15-20, 21 July : 29, 22 July : 68, 23 July : 63, 24 July : 67, 25 July : 60, 26 July : 80, 27 July : 70, 28 July : 80 and 29 July : I hit the new record : 98 unique visitor.

I know somebody get 1000 unique per day, the other maybe get 10,000 per day and Tun Seri Mahathir get 1,000000 hit in less than one month. But I don't care about it. I'm a new blogger and nobody. I just try to get some space in this magic world. Who know maybe one day I will be a blog tycoon. A real blog tycoon...


Suzette said...

Hi! Thanks for the link. :)
Here to vote for you in the BOTB. Good luck!

kamitaken said...

assalamualaikum ust, im just a new beginner in the Blog's world. Im very impressed wif your english! not tooo bad! Here i wanna ask you about what is the benefit that we can get from the increasing of our traffic? Is it we can grab some money from it or just for fun? thanx for your share story i very like it.

-ur old timer student!~

NIZHAMA said...

just for fun la kamitaken... a blog without reader like a dry land (tanah gersang)

Teresa said...

Blog Explosion is good, but I like EntreCard better! :)

My Blog: Growing Piggy Bank

Mike said...

I wouldn't get to wrapped up in obsessing about traffic...its best to blog for yourself.