Saturday, August 2, 2008


When I started surfing using my stremyx, I promised to my self that I will publish a post per day. I cannot go on with that. I can surf every night now but my Hammad always want me to play with him until late night. I had a little time and I using it to surf others blogs. So I had not much time writing and publishing my own article.

Today is Saturday, meaning I have some time to write. And for the first time I will response to my reader comment. My previous posting was my best posting. I got 5 comments. One of them coming from my old timer student who asking me the benefit of increasing traffic in the blog. Of course I’m blogging for fun. I didn’t thinking about money. I knew somebody making a lot of money by blogging but I don’t think I am one of them. I only know how to make money by teaching people. But who know one day I will change my opinion about it. People always change. There are a lot of sites talking about making money from internet, but I still ignoring it.

One of my friend asked me on Thursday why I’m blogging in English and why I didn’t write about Islam in my blog. I know a lot of ustaz who write about Islam in their sites. You can find it easily by googling. I put some of them in my families n friends. My purpose is different from them. I want to improve my English so I had to write in English. I always challenge my students to talk and write in Arabic Language to learn Arabic. And I challenge myself to write and talk in English to improve my English. Is it fare? I cannot write about Islam because my English is still in ‘bad’ condition. Maybe after a while ( I give myself 3 years ) I can write and explain about Islam in English. Now I’m thinking seriously to start a new blog which contain my answer to the questions I received from my students and others about Islam.

One of my reader also suggested me to use EntreCards and I registered to EC on Thursday. Now I get the benefit from BE and EC. But BE is still my first choice.

p/s One of my best friend, Ustaz Wahab now became a father. His son, Ahmad Omar Ridhwan was born last week. CONGRATULATION.