Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In fact, I'm admire to people who have a new idea and change people life. People who make something simple to be important thing. People who start from nothing and became a millionaire. People who not scare to take chance whenever they get it... Unfortunately I'm not the kind of that people. I'm always wait and see what happen, always in safe mode, and to scare to take the chance. Actually I'm proud to be myself, but as a human I have my own weakness and my major weakness is too low profile and don't want to talk the challenge...

I'm not going to talk about myself today. I just want to tell that I get my first earning today from Nuffnang. I'm a nuffnanger since 2 weeks and get my first reward today. It's just a very very small amount but that is not the goal. Ask I wrote before, I did it for fun and get rewarded. So I have a great fun today... Tq Timothy Tiah and Cheo Ming Shen who found this program and hope more people to be the nuffnangers.. he he..


kamitaken aka lutfi said...

assalamualaikum ust..

terima kasih kerana sudi tinggalkan komen pada fp ana. Wah! terror ustaz lening tulis omputeh.. Keep it up! seronok baca kisah ust. Ana, kemungkinan besar tidak balik tahun ini menghabiskan sisa terakhir di makkah before back for good taun depan. Insya allah..

p/s : hammad montel masya allah!

YANZ said...

may i ask, how do u get earnings from nuffnang? frm ppl clicking on ur ads?
i don't seem to be getting any earnings, i don't think anyone clicks on my ads lerrr... =P