Monday, July 28, 2008


I spent all day long yesterday accompanied my lovely wife at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah. We went there at 10.00 am and only leaved it on 4.00 pm. We spend all day long together watching people come and go, and I had to take one day off from my work...

Today is a PLBS day. I mean Pentaksiran Lisan Berasaskan Sekolah. It's an oral test for the student from form five who take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( Malaysia Certificate Education ) this year. As an Arabic teacher, I have to test my students their abilities in Arabic speaking. I have 27 students, two of them were absent. So I have to test 25 students today.

Actually they can read quit well, some of them were excellent. They can answered the questions from the paragraph very well. Almost all of them got full marks in this category. But my major problem is not many of them can speak well. I had train them a lot to speak Arabic, but they still to shy to use their ability. What a shame. This is not my problem only. Many of my friends who teach Arabic Language talk about this. I want to talk to them in Arabic only, but if I do that, nobody will talk to me. I had that experience before. I'm now a person who in charge in Arabic Language in IQ Terengganu, and I will find the resolution for this problem IN SYA ALLAH.

p/s My unique visitor hit 80 for Saturday, and that is a new record.


Suzette said...

Hi! There,
Visiting your blog from Battle of the Blogs. Looks like you are doing well in BE? :) Glad that it helps in bringing traffic to your blog.
My vote to you in this round of BOTB, but I guess your 'competitor' is very strong, a tough battle. :) Good luck.