Tuesday, July 8, 2008


remember this one??? Not that one laa. new pic same 'style'

Afi n ummi in Masjid Jame' Kerteh

thanks for 3D/2N coupon

nice place to stay...

the sun, the sea, the beach and me

Sunrise in Cherating

Hammad.. (nampak pusat la dik...)

Hammad.. again

Don't get close... Abah! I want to swim..

blue n green

another blue n green

afi n abah


bah! bila kita nak gi cherating pulok???

So... this is my story about our third family vacation. This time our goal is Cherating, Pahang. About 2 months ago, I was invited by The Legend Worldwide Holiday to a promotion located at Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu. I went there with my family. It was a promotion to be their member. Can you guess how much it cost? It was 20k... To expensive laa... I'm not join the membership, but as a gift for joining their promo, they gave us 3D/2N coupon to stay at Legend Resort, Cherating... so that is the story...

We packed up our baggage on Thursday. At 4 pm we started our journey from our 'home sweat home' at Paya Resak. Made our first stop at Pengadang Baru for the petrol, then the journey began... The trip was nice but we had some 'traffic problem' at Marang. Then we stopped at Masjid Jame' Kerteh to pray Asar. then continued our journey in the 'hard' rain day... We arrived at the hotel at 7pm and it's a beutiful resort. After a short relaxing, we went out for food. Our favorite restaurant here in Cherating is Ombak, but it seen change a lot after our last visit in 2005. We had a good dinner with ikan tiga rasa ect... My prince like so much air kelapa laut madu.

On the next day, my boy and me 'lost' our time at swimming pool. This is his first experience at swimming pool and he enjoyed it very much while his mum watching him... We left the swimming pool at noon as I promised him that we will continue our 'swimming lesson' at the evening. After that I went to Jumaat prayer at Masjid Cherating, jalan2 cari makan , and then a big big big sleep (this is the real vacation)...

We had another 'swimming lesson' on Saturday's morning after a amazing sunrise viewing and lovely nasi lemak as a breakfast... I had a 'hard' time when the prince want to swim -of course with pelampung- by himself and don't want me to get closer. Then another 'hard time' came when we want to leave the pool... He only agree after his mom promising him cheeky meal...

We checked out at the noon and then went to my wife sister's house at Paka, having a good lunch there with x-men : final ... And another good and safe trip home. HOME SWEAT HOME.