Monday, October 6, 2008

Sell Back Your Book

As I wrote more than one time before, I was a book's worm when I am a teenager years ago. I still read a lot now, but nowadays I read more from Internet than from books. Anyway I can say that I still a book's worm, I like to read again and again...

I just visit a site that interested me and like to share it. It is Sell Back Your Book. This is a amazing site because it offer to buy your old books. I think lot of us have many old books, maybe some of them are very valuable, but it just remain in our store, so why not let the others get the benefit from it?

To sell your books at Sell Back Your Book is very simple. Just go to their site here and then enter the ISBN numbers for each book that you want to sell. They will display the price they are willing to pay. If like the price, just simply press the button and you are ready to sell your book. You can sell TextBooks too.

Do you believe if I say that they will pay 100% of the postage. Yes They do. They will pay for the shipping if you sell just $10 dollars to them. Just simply pack your book carefully, send it to their mailing address and they will take care of the rest.

Now everybody can sell their old books without leaving their home. Just go to this site and read more about. For me I will try to use this site. Maybe I can get some bucks from my old books...
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