Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging for fun, Not for the money

When you start to monetize your blog, one of the major problem is to maintain your blog. You need good contents to attract the readers, surfing another blog and in the same time monetize it. It's a busy job, not an easy way to collect your bucks.

I have to admit that I start to monetize my blog now. I think that my reader realize that my blog now became a review blog. Anyway my own reason to blog is still remain. As I wrote several time before, I'm blogging to improve my English, and I think I did well so far. My older postings were about myself especially about Hammad, but recently I wrote about everything, discover a lot of new words and sites, and I got bonus too, get paid to write.

For now I'm still an English learner, but learn English in the fun way, by blogging. I'm still in the first phase, collecting the vocabulary as much as I can. I will go to the second phase soon, studying the grammar (which make a lot of students in my country run from English). To review other sites, talking about their product and service is a part of my studies. My strategy is to write as much as I can in English in different topics, and if I get paid for that, that is a bonus, a big bonus.

One of the John Chow's advice for those who start to monetize his/her blog is : if you blog for the money you will be unhappy if you don't reach your target, but if your blog is for fun and for yourself, you will get it (plus the money too)... Of course this is not JohnChow's words, this is what I'm understand from his words.