Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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After two or three days I finally know what happen to Lutfi and his family. He is the one who can tell us the story. You can find it here.

Back to what I wrote early this morning. I believe that everybody have their own experience involved in vehicle’s accident nowadays. For me, a very careful driver –in my opinion of course- I had three with my KANCIL, but ALHAMDULILLAH, all of them were minor one, not a big one that happen to Lutfi.

My first accident with my KANCIL happen on 2001 or 2002. A teenager hit my car when she try to pass over it from left. I was an innocent one, but feel pity to that teenager, I paid some bucks to repair her bike.

The second one happen not far from UDM when one of their student hi my car from behind at the junction. Again I was an innocent there. It happen just before my wife bought her G2 last year. Some of my friends make joke that my car got jealous. This time I just let that student go. I don’t want to involved in another accident after an accident.

The last one happen just about three months after the second one. This time a teenager hit my car from behind using his bike. Maybe he want to try his luck, and he is a lucky guy because like the second one, I just let him go. It happen in my village and I don’t think try to get some bucks from his parent is good for me.

I have another accident’s experience when I was in primary school with my brother, and that one was the worst one. I will write about it later…