Friday, October 17, 2008

Nokia 2600 C

This is not sponsored post. I just bought a Nokia 2600 C to my wife, and this Hammad's pic was taken using it. In fact this is the first time we have a phone with the camera. I was thinking to buy one long time ago, but did not do it until two days before Eid Fitri. I still using the old one, too old untill I forget it series...

I also bought a new laptop for myself. the old one was break down and still at workshop. The new one is not delivered yet, so I cannot browse the internet from my home sweet home. But today I have that chance using my friend's laptop.

I did great yesterday, writing two paid posts, and both of them was approved last night. Early this morning I published another paid post. I'm now writing about anything, especially about sports and books. My review about auto was approved too, and it's a good news for me. Early this year I cannot write a sentence in English, and today I get paid by writing in English...

I don't up load my Eid Fitri's pictures and my Taman Tamadun Islam's pictures yet as I promised before. In fact I took the video and have to capture in still image before up loading it... Maybe I will do it next week.