Thursday, October 30, 2008


To maintain my blog, I have to surf a lot of sites everyday. Of course my major traffic came from blogexplosion. Readers came to my blog because I visit the others, and for me it is win win situation. I use my valuable time at night about two hours surfing the internet, and what I get is a lot of of new knowledge which open my eye toward our planet and the peoples who lives in it.

One of the site that I visit last night is id-economy. A blogger is from Indonesia and he use his blog to talk about global economy, especially what happen in Indonesia. He use the blogspot like me, and his blog looked so professional, and I think he is good in computer programming. From the blog template, we know that the blogger is serius about his blog (not like me who blog for fun).

This blog is talking about what happen in the global economy. Of course the recent postings are about world economic situation, and the blogger give use useful advices and linked his blog to another sites which talk about same topic, economic.

I'm not good in economic, but I need to know what happen in this planet, and by surfing the internet I get the information that I need, and this blog is useful for, especially it come from Indonesia, our neighbour.



mediasakinah said...

thank you very much for your post, i am truly appreciate it

NIZHAMA said...

you're welcome