Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Huge EntreCard Contest

My last contest participant was about two months ago. I won 125x125 ad for a month but did not claim it, here I am participate in another contest, hoping to win something bigger this time.

The contest is from and here are the prizes...

1st Prize:

30,000EC  from  Freebie Reporter

125×125 ad for a month from The Asian Economist

125×125 ad for a month from Free Famous Quotes

1 VIP membership to

1 Entrecard banner design from  A Phone Sex Life

2nd Prize:

20,000EC from  Freebie Reporter

1 VIP membership to

125×125 banner  ad for a month  from Journal Of Journey

125×125 banner  ad for a month from  Charcotrip travel blog

1 month blogroll link from A Phone Sex Life

3rd Prize

2000EC  from  Today’s Games

2000EC  from  Debit vs Credit

2000EC  from  People You Need to Know

1500EC  from  Positive Thinking

2000EC  from  Realm of Prosperity

1500EC  from  NickThrolson

1000EC  from  Fantasy Baseball

125×125 ad for 3 months from  Cash Advance Blog

1 VIP membership to

Other Prizes:

EC Credits:

14 Lucky winners will get 1000 credits from one of our fabulous sponsors:

1000EC from  Michael Aulia

1000EC from  Øblog

1000EC from  Better Inspirational Communication

1000EC from  Random Detox

1000EC from  Multiply Themes

1000EC from  Momawannabe

1000EC from  Singaporean In London

1000EC from  Abhishek

1000EC from

1000EC from  A Second Cup

1000EC from  Kutsara at Tinidor

1000EC from  Ohio Real Estate

1000EC from  MonkeyChapps

1000EC from  Today’s Games


4 Lucky winners will get premium advertising spots from the following bloggers:

125×125 ad for a month  from Positive Thinking

125×125  ad for a month from Gift Reviews

1 month blogroll link from Freebie Reporter

125×125 ad for a month from Freebie Reporter

That’s a total of 21 prizes that will be distributed between the
people who participate in the contest.All the winners will be picked by
using the random list generator at .

So my friends, if you want to have some fun, just click here