Monday, October 20, 2008

Eid Fitri 1429H... Pictures Told Story

Today is 20 Syawal 1429 Hijriah... It's meaning that Eid Fitri was 20 days ago, and here are some of the pictures of Hammad on Eid Fitri...

This year, we spent the night before Eid Fitri (Malam Raya) and performing Eid Fitri prayer at my parent village, Bukit Bading. Hammad was very happy as his Ong (Grandfather) took him to the mosque to pray with him. I'm as usual had to became the Imam and Khatib at my kampung.

Hammad's Tok Ma's family visited us about 12 noon. Hammad's Tok Ma was at Mecca at that moment, performing the Umrah with Hammad's Tokki. Hammad of course be the only hero at Ong's house. Three of his cousins (my brother's kids) were at Johor, while my sister's family arrived at 1 pm, just before we went to my wife's parent's house.

After performing Zohor prayer, we went to Pengkalan Atap, Batu Rakit. at his Tokki's house, Hammad had a challenger, Adam. He just a month older than Hammad. They spend a good time together, and some time make a trouble together...

My family are very lucky because we can visit our parents (my parent and my wife's parent) together on Eid Fitri. It just take about an hour driving from Bukit Bading to Batu Rakit.