Sunday, November 30, 2008

Talk About Blog : The Morgage And More Blog

As a blog’s surfer everyday, I visited many interesting sites in the blogesphere. Today, one of the blogs that I visit is The Morgage And More Blog. It is a site that talks about many different subjects. The main topic of the blog is the housing industry, but the writer uses his blog to talk about everything. The writer, Danny Thorton was in the mortgage industry for over 7 years, and had the experience in costumer service for more than 16 years. He had that experience and he know exactly what he write about.

Talking about the site, it is quick to load and does not contain a lot of ads that make you feel uncomfortable. The layout is clean and quite pretty. The writer uses his blog to give his reader a good information and tips about housing industries. He also talk about shopping, and promote the other's blog too (this make the bloggers like a big family). You can check out the blog here.