Thursday, November 20, 2008

Google Chrome

I'm now using Google Chrome. When first time browsing the internet, I used Internet Explorer and I thought I will not change to another browser. When my friends moved to Mozilla FireFox, I'm still with IE... Then I have problem with IE (some sites looked terrible with IE) I moved to Mozilla and said to myself: I'm never move again... 

But I was wrong. Recently I have problem with FireFox. I don't know why my PC too slow with FireFox. When I use Google Chrome, everything is fine. I think this is my PC's problem, not Mozilla's problem. Because of this problem, I move to Chrome and find it's a cool browser. 

My friend's lap top have only IE, and when I used his lap top, I have to use IE. I think IE have improved itself during nowadays but to challenge the Mozilla and with the newcomer: Chrome, IE's teams have to work harder. 

Anyway thanks to all who dedicated their live making others live happier.


azlan said...

i'm still waiting google chrome for mac :)