Friday, November 7, 2008

One of my favorite paid posts site is When I made a decision to monetize my blog last month, I started to sign up with the site that offer the bloggers to do the review posts. Some of them approve my blog, the others decline it, and is among the sites that accepted me, and they did it i their own style, that make them unique from the others.

After adding my blog, they request me to install a widget in my blog, and luckily I did well. They approve my blog within 24 hours ( I think the fastest site to approve my blog) and give me my blog price to. My blog value is $4.12 to $16.84 per post, and I think it is not bad, especially for a beginner. This method make them different from other site and I start to like it. is easy to use. After you login to the member area, you will get everything clearly for you. You can go to the opportunity page which you can find the right opportunity for your blog. In this page, you can chose the right opportunity easily because they have tell you which opportunity is match to your blog and which are not.

There are lot of opportunities there, and if you want to try, please click here.


Anonymous said...

I prefer loudlaunch, they don't force you to take posts telling everyone how great they are. I've tried snapbomb and they suck. In fact, the only campaign they ever have available is the one where you say how wonderful they are (the one you accepted when you wrote this post).