Monday, November 3, 2008

Hamilton did it in a dramatic final lap

I don't believe this. I knew that he will take the 2008 driver's title, but I don't believe he did it in style, finishing fifth place by passing Timo Glock from Toyota in the final corner in the final lap. What a race.

If you're a F1 fan, you know that Hamilton need to finish at fourth place if Massa win the last race, and Massa did it. Hamilton was in the same condition last year when he lost his driver's title to Kimi in the last race, when everybody believed that he will win it. History may repeat last night, but no... He did it, and with a style too...

I'm not Hamilton fan. I'm Ferrari's fan since 1998. I hope the 'miracle' again this year, but it never happen. I'm unhappy with the result, but Hamilton deserve it. He did a great job for two years and it is unfair for him if he lost again this year, in the final race.

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