Sunday, November 23, 2008

Exam in IQ Terengganu

This week is the last week for the Third Semester in IQ Terengganu (Syahadah's students). Next week our students will go through the exam. The students from the Fourth Year (Final Year) will have The Last Exam (Syahadah Exam), the students from the Second Year is still in SPM Exam, and the students from First Year and Third Year will have a semester Exam. So next week is Exam week. 

The students from SPM intake (Diploma's students) are still have another 10 weeks before their exam in early February. They will have the break on 5 December for a week, then have to come back to finish their studies. 

As a teacher all I need is the best for all of my students, especially for the students from the Final Year. Hope they do their best for their own future...


Anonymous said...

ustaz, how about IQT right now?

~nawanihamra'~ said...

my memorable class at the past~ sayu bila terkenang saat dulu!