Friday, August 8, 2008


My last participant in the contest was about 2 months ago, so why not I do it now? This contest is unique because you can sponsor the present too. For me I just want to participate, not a sponsor. Maybe later... So this is the detail about the contest from Shanker Bakshi dot Com.:

The prizes is :

10,000 Entrecard Credits from Shanker Bakshi dot Com (worth $95)
125×125 Block ad for four months on Shanker Bakshi dot com (worth $60)
1500 Entrecard Credits from Gyutae Park -Winning the Web (worth $15)
125×125 block ad for one month on InspiritBlog (worth $35)
Jump the queue one blog review by Abhinav Sood (worth $ 25)
Professional 125×125 Entrecard Widget Design by Mohit Aneja (worth $15)
125×125 block ad for one month on iLUVcontests (worth $15 )
125×125 block ad for one month on Shopping (worth $15 )
Text Link Ad for a month on Mr. Javo dot Com (worth $10)
125×125 block ad for one month on XSrealities (worth $25 )
1000 Entrecard Credits from Michael Aulia dot Com (worth $10)
1000 Entrecard Credits from Rumbling Lankan (worth $10)
250×250 ad spot for a week at ROCKFUSE (worth $20)
468×60 ad spot for six months on Brood online (worth $100)
1000 Entrecard Credits from The Delano Observer (worth $10)
1000 Entrecard Credits from Newz Around Us (worth $10)
125×125 block ad for one month on Lemback -Potpourri (worth $25 )
Text Link Ad for a month on Ragnarok (worth $10)
Text Link Ad for a month on Blogging From Scratch (worth $10)
1000 Entrecard Credits from Ragnarok (worth $10)
Text Link Ad for a month on WebTrafficROI (worth $10)

The rules are as follows:

1 - Blog about this contest in minimum 100 words, you must include in your post Links of contest contributors and link back to the contest post. Give your blog post link in comments below. [Will be considered as 5 Entries for the contest].


2 - Subscribe Shanker Bakshi dot Com by e-mails
[Will be considered as 3 Entries for the contest] Only those who subscribe by e-mail during contest period (i.e. 1st Aug to 31st Aug) will be count for lucky draw.

Competition will close on 31st August 2008 24 Hours IST. All entries will be randomized to draw and results will be announce on 1st September 2008. Each winner will be informed through e-mail also.

Participate as a contributor and offer one of the following:
Entrecard Credits
Blog Reviews
Ad Spots
Hard Cash

For more details, just visit Shanker Bakshi dot Com. The links will be updated as soon as new contributor joins in.


Shirley said...

As soon as I have a keyboard theat writes the letter that rhyme with d I will do the ad thing.

Mariuca said...

Hi there! I zoomed by in a rocket! And won 2 credits too he he, thanks! :)

Marlene said...

Hi Nizhama, thanks so much for joining the contest. Shanker will be very glad about this.

Your son is cute and adorable. It's normal for a kid to be naughty sometimes, hehee.

I will add you to my Technorati later. Hope you will add me, too.