Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning From The Mistakes

"The only way to success in this industry is learning from our mistakes" said one of the super affiliate, Amit Mehta. Most of the successful affiliate today made mistakes in their past. Nobody perfect. But they learned from their mistakes and survived. You will read about this again and again. They call it 'Trial and Error'.

I made a big mistake when I started to make my own project. I want to launch it at the end of this month, but the big mistake in the beginning of the process cost me to delay it. No. I will not surrender. I will not give up. I just need more time and space. My new date line is April 20, on Hammad's birthday. IN SYA ALLAH.

My project is based on a free script from leadslead. Everything is on the schedule until ten days ago when I realised that my autoresponder didn't work. I tried to fix it but I failed. If you are a computer savvy, you will know about cron job. I couldn't set my cron job to work. I fix it again and again -I have to wait until the next day to see if it work-, but still got the same result. The server cannot find the right file. After five days, I finally got the answer. The script need the Register_Globals On, and the server is Register_Global Off. I contacted the server admin to fix the problem, and got the instructions how to fix it. I followed the instructions step by step but still didn't get the right step. I give up now. I have to change my plan. I will go to Plan B now. That's why I need more time and more space. This is the bad news.

The good one is I have more and more products everyday. I think I have more than 800 now. I will review each product to make sure if I have the right to give it away. I hope to have 400 products in My Give Away Project.

This is my new schedule :

March 23 to April 4 : Manage my E-Library
April 5 to April 14 : Dealing with the Downloads Page.
April 15 to April 19 : Test The Project
April 20 : Launch My Give Away Project... IN SYA ALLAH.