Monday, March 23, 2009

Medical alert is a technology that we need urgently nowadays. If we have parent our grandparent who live alone, we should think to use this technology seriously. One of the companies which offer this service is BrickHouse Security. They are the expert in medical alert and the trusted name in high-tech safety and security solutions.

Fall Detection is among their popular products. This cool tool is used to protect our active parent who prefer to keep their independence but desire that extra helping hand. What make this product very useful is the automatic Fall Detector and Inactive Sensor which detect automatically when the user have fallen or not move, even if he or she cannot press the button.

For those who have an active life and always do the outdoors activities, BrickHouse Mobile GPS is the answer for their security curious. With this product, they can communicate with their love one from anyway in this world. With the Panic Button which connect to a central monitoring system, you are protected 24/7 anywhere you are.

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medical alarm said...

Medical alarm systems are really amazing things to have! They can help out so much in an emergency situation. If you are disabled or elderly I highly recommend getting one just in case you’re ever caught in a bad situation.