Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easy and Free Saturday at P.Atap (late posting)

Kampung Pengkalan Atap, Batu Rakit

My Lady

Hammad's tokki

Hammad n Pak Zal

Pok Pie

Happy boy at the beach

Hammad n kakak

Ayah Teh

Hammad n gangs

kakak again

kakak lagi

Time to return...

Here are our pictures at my wife parent's village. If Hammad like my parent village because of the garden and the river, here in Pengkalan Atap, the beach is his favorite. His best moment of course is with his cousins...


Anonymous said...

wah best hammad balik kampung :)

NIZHAMA said...

best memang best... siap berguling ats pantai lagi