Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If you are thinking to be more seriously blogging, you should have your own domain. Using the free one like nizhama.blogspot is only for the beginner. As my main purpose to blogging is to improve my English, I don’t think to use my own domain for now, but maybe I will change my mind in the future.

I just visit a site which talks about web hosting, This site gives you a fair review about web hosting sites. But what attracts me most is their articles page. The newest article is about choosing between managed hosting and collocation. As a newbie, this is the first time I read about this, especially about collocation. From this article, I know that collocation is for the expert or at least intermediate, because you have to do a lot of work like setting up the hardware and configuring the software, while managed hosting is easier for the beginner, because a web hosting company will manage and provide everything needed to run your website including the server and network hardware, the software etc.

The other recent articles are about shopping cart option, making money with the domain, choosing a dedicated host and cube panel overview. All of these topics are very interesting and helping me to understand about blogosphere. These articles were easy to understand and the writer knows exactly what he writes about.

The owner of the site also categorizes the articles. This will helps the readers to search what they want in the shortest time. For example in the Domain Names file, I found ten useful articles. From the Cheap Web Hosting file, there are 29 articles and I read most of them until I get tired, but in the same time get the information that I need.


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