Monday, June 23, 2008


I have a problem with the time management. I think this is not my problem only, but the biggest problem for a lot of people. I think that most of us don't have a good 'altitude' in time management. Again. I think. I'm not sure about that. But for I'm sure hundred percent that I have problem to menage my time.

I lost much of my golden time, wasting my time with something not important and do a lot of unimportant thing like posting this unnecessary thing. I used more time posting in English than Melayu language or Arabic Language, but I still use my 'bad' English, using more time... Wasting more time... But I'm always a 'positive thinker'. I'm always believe everything is 'good' in 'somewhere'. Maybe it's look 'very bad', but in the same time, it still have a 'good' value. Maybe We can see it. Maybe not. Maybe the latest posting from Amir (19 Jun) have a similar thing that what I want to say.

I didn't up date my blog because there are a lot of thing happen to me in these days. In Wednesday and Thursday, We have a workshop to review the IQ Terengganu syllabus, so we have to work from morning to evening (and for someone : to night.. he3) in that two days... but we have a good result for. For my team (Language Team : Ustaz Zaini, Ustaz Azizul and me) we had finish our work and gave it to our boss on time. Congratulation to my time. (naik lif pandai2 tekan sendiri la)... He333

I'm always busy with 'pakcik-pakcik' and 'makcik-makcik' on Friday and Saturday, teaching them Al-Quran and Arabic Language... so no time on Friday and Saturday... At the evening in Saturday, we (my wife, my son and my self) went to my mom's house in Bukit Bading. She stay alone now because my father is at Jerteh, Besut. He is a member of Tabligh, and now do his job as 'pendakwah' there for 40 days. He will return after tomorrow. I'm very proud of my father. In his age, he using his time in this way. ALHAMDULILLAH.

Yesterday, I had to accompany my wife to Sultanah Nor Zahirah Hospital. And like usual we will spent a lot of time waiting and waiting and waiting in hospital. So all of our morning's time was at hospital...

And today... I used about half of an hour writing this posting. (harap berbaloi...) And ... my classes of course. That is my major responsibility...