Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My wife got her license to be a teacher

a beautiful morning

like a cattle

full of light

look at his hand, what do you see??

like father like son

first time riding marry go round

on the top...

My posting today is about our first family's vacation (out side Terengganu of course, we had a lot of vacation in Terengganu before) and our first choice is Genting Highland. Why Genting Highland? There are a lot of pleasure place in Malaysia but we went to Genting Highland for more than a reason. Last year my lovely wife bought a vcd for my son. It's about learning Arabic alphabet (learning IQRA) and their shooting location is at Genting Highland. I promised my son if he can memorized some songs in the vcd, I will bring him there, and he did it. He can memorized it quickly and I had to fulfill my promising...

In the same time, my wife graduate ceremony was at Institut Perguruan Antarabangsa which located near Malaya University, so we decided to kill two birds with one shot. We went to Kuala Lumpur on December 9, the ceremony was on December 11, and we went to Genting on December 13. Before that we were at my wife's sister's house at Pandah Indah.

There are nothing to me and my wife at Genting Highland. We are not the kind of people that enjoy the marry go round etc.., but for my kid, that day was like at his dream.

So that was our first experience in family's vacation..

p/s I have three outdoor theme park which will expire in the end of Jun, and will receive two ticket to a magical show at Genting (expired in the end of August), but I don't think that we will go there again... We want to go to another place for future vacation... So what must I do with the tickets???