Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Traffic, traffic and Traffic

I didn't make many posting recently. I just launched My Give Away Project last month, and almost all of my On line Time now is to promote it -my first trial and error project-. I have to admit there are many errors in my project. I start from stretch, without any experience, without any guide, without gurus and without friends aka jv.
I started my project thinking everybody will go to my site to get the free products. But I'm completely wrong. There are too many give away nowadays, some of them are from big name in Internet Marketing World. Who care about My Give Away Project. But I'm glad I did it. I'm glad I learned from stretch to build My Own Business. I'm glad and proud for make my own site. And of course the biggest benefit to me is language. I wrote a lot and now feel more comfortable with my English. That is my biggest winning.
I have another week before My Give Away Project reach it first month -I launched it on May 8-. I still struggle to drive traffic to my site. The first step is using free leads -I have a lot of free leads- and auto-responder. I used TrafficWave for a while -about two weeks-, then I use MLM Power Marketing. I though peoples will click my link from the mail I sent, but I'm wrong. Completely wrong.
Then I went to Safelist, just to see my Inbox full with unwanted mails. I tried viralulr and get the same result. Last week I tried to advertise through EntreCard, thinking that I will spent a Dollar per day, but I have to spent almost 10 bucks to get only 100 clicks. I tried Facebook and Twitter too, but didn't see the result.
Starting from last Thursday, my server give me the biggest problem. I cannot access to any of my pages. It's completely go to nowhere. All I got is 500 error. I receive many of mails complain about it, and nothing that I can do unless open the ticket the the server admin.
Today I get back my site. I start to advertise with Adgitize and just for 5 hours I got 40 clicks. I hope this is the answer - of course not the ultimate answer -. I will searching the best method to drive traffic, but for now I can see the instant result from Adgitize.
At the bottom, I made two selling so far. Not bad for a trial and error project. You can see my Paypal snapshot below. Of course I spent more, but this is the business. If you are scare about the capital, just forget the business. But I will not go further from my border. I promise...