Sunday, June 7, 2009

Copy, Paste ... And -don't forget- Edit

Nowadays it's easy to 'write' any article. In fact many of the 'writers' didn't write. They just copy and paste. With the Internet days, we can get everything online. Just type the topic we want to write and 'google' it, we will get thousands -if not millions- of result. Pick any article we want and copy it, then paste it in our blog... Everything just in minutes -maybe seconds if you're fast enough-.

I have to admit I did some of this 'skill' sometimes. I have a big PLR articles, more than million. PLR mean Private Label Right, meaning I have the right to claim that I'm the writer. So I do nothing wrong. But what is the benefit to me? As my tag : Just Try To Write In English, in fact I have no benefit if I just copy and paste unless some benefit from reading that article.

But there is a big benefit to me if I add new value to the article : edit it. That what I did recently. I don't have that time to maintain my blog, write a new article everyday. I'm still not good in writing -but better than last year-. For a 200 words article, I have to spent almost half of hour-maybe more depend to the topic-. For copy, paste and edit, I just need 10-15 minutes. With the busy schedule, saving 20 is a great value.

What is the real benefit from copy, paste and edit? The first one is reading. I'm believe if you want to learn any language, you have to listen to that language frequently. This is the nature way to learn language. If you don't have much opportunity to listening to that language-English in my case-, You have to read it. This is your gateway to the language.

Secondly, I get new vocabulary from this article. If I write the same topic, I just use the word I know -I don't have much vocabulary in English-. When I edit the PLR article, I learn more and more - new word, grammar and writing skill-.

Last but not least is the idea. PLR article give me more and more idea and knowledge. If I just read it, I just read it fast, get the 'whole' idea and leave it. When I edit this article, I will go deeply and get the 'real' idea.

Try this and you will see the different -this advice just for the non native English who wish to write and speak in English- in your writing skill. Of course this is for beginners only and not suitable for the expert.


Anonymous said...

No you cannot just cut and paste other bloggers articles. First it is theft of intellectual property pure and simple. Second you can be sued for copyright infringement. Lazy bloggers who can't be bothered to write their own articles without stealing from others should not be blogging!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! What are you doing in your blog dear? Stealing other people intellectual property so that you can post and publish it in your blog? Just a gentle reminder-- we have an international copyright laws that protect intellectual property. Sooner or later somebody will file a complaint against you and may even sue you in court, e.g. if the author is in California, then the suit will be filed in California. I'm leaving this comment because I'm just concerned about you. Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance. Take care.

NIZHAMA said...

You must read the whole article my friend. Anyway thanks for that warning. I know about the law and will not just copy and paste. Just read the whole article again and you will get it.

Lyla said...

hmmm... kadang2 memang banyak orang yang seperti itu, artikel saya pun banyak yang kena copy paste