Monday, August 17, 2009

After A Long Silent

My last posting before a long silent is on June 22. I'm not writing for almost two months here in In fact I'm working on my another 6 blogs. I started to monitize my blog last October, making not bad 'pocket money' through paid reviews. With my 'bad' English, I still make from USD50-150 monthly. But people never satisfied, and this is good for us-from one side-.

On February I purchased Rahsia ClickBank. From the first day I learned a lot of thing about making money on line. I purchased my own domain, setup my very first site at, then do anything I can to drive traffic to it. On May I build another site My Give Away Project. I made some sales and leave the paid reviews.

On July I purchased two WSO. One of them is about backlinks, another one is about niche marketing. I started with two blogs, Best Baby Monitors and Freebies Com. Both of them got good ranking and was on first page at Google SERP. I was thinking this is impossible. I though SEO is for the expert only and should ignore it, but I glad I was wrong. I did great in SEO. My first site made some sales too.

I purchased another 4 domain name early this month - Baby Back Packs, Baby Car Seats, Baby Gear strollers and Convertible Cribs-and very busy with them. I forgot my nizhama2 until I got another easy paid review task. So far my first two sites got 'Google Dance' and disappear from the first Google SERP, but still there for Yahoo. The another sites are still new and need sometime before rocking up.

My biggest benefit from this hobby is not the money. I made some sales, making some money, but this is not my major goal. As I wrote again and again : I'm blogging for language and I did great. I'm not scare with English anymore. I even making money with my English. Learning English in the fun way plus make some bucks. I'm a lucky man, right?

My September project is, my own domain name. This blog will stay here because this is where I start. I will not remove this blog. I have a good memory here and I will use this blog to improve. Now I can write in English but not about anything and everything. I will learn and learn until I can do it.