Monday, August 17, 2009

IQ Tereengganu : Clossed For One Week

After a very long silent, my first posting is not what I want to write about. Just a very short announcement, IQ Terengganu, the place where I spent 8 hours daily was closed for a week according to H1N1. Nobody here get H1N1, but many students got ILI, meaning symptoms like H1N1, and The Department of Health ask us to close our campus for a whole week.
With 62 death so far, Malaysia now among the critical country. I think many people do not exactly what is the H1N1. I hear everywhere people talk without the fact. Here is the official site from WHO and MOH.
Just hope this crazy pandemic will go forever soon. With the economic crisis, H1N1 make 2009 the year to remember in the history.