Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost A Month Without A Word

This is maybe my longest silent since I start blogging last year. I have a lot of thing to write here, but each time I got my 'free time' I used it to manage MY GIVE AWAY PROJECT. I should launch it this Monday - just three days a head-, on Hammad's birthday. My 250 Free and Easy PLR/MRR Products are ready. My OTO product is just ready -I spend two weeks just for trial n error, then the magic 'copy n paste make just in two hours, I believe you will like my OTO page-. The bonuses products -almost 300 products- are ready. The only products I have to deal with now is The Insider Sales Products. I have a huge products and have to choose 25 best products to sale.
Of course I will sale something. I want to start my business on line. But don't worry if you don't want to buy anything. You still get the 250 FREE and EASY PLR/MRR products just for sign up to my mailing list. Just one e-mail and you will get 250 products. ABSOLUTELY FREE.
I hope to launch my first TRIAL AND ERROR project on this Monday, but I will not push myself. Nothing to lose. Just do it and see if on line business is suitable for me...
Another thing, I just realised we can blog from the e-mail and set up for it. T tested it and it work great. I worked with my e-mail everyday and this is a good way to posting in this blog.