Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nizhama2

Nizhama2 is one year old today. I just realize it. Thanks for all visitors to nizhama2. I'm very happy to be in this no border world, blogosphere. I met very nice people, make a lot of friends, and got the loyal readers too. For the whole year I got 10599 hits, to small in the blogosphere, but that is not my reason to blog, so nothing to worry about it.

Early October, I started to monetize this blog and earned USD350 in three months, not bad for a beginner. I think I did great in my prime goal : to write in English. I feel more confident in this language after this amazing year with nizhama2.

I have a lot of dreams for 2009, especially for nizhama2. I hope I will have my own domain before the end of this year... A full report for nizhama2 in the next posting, IN SYA ALLAH.


azlan said...

Happy birthday to your blog..all your hard work has been paid..waiting for your own domain..

NIZHAMA said...

thanks azlan, you are among my best friend in the blogosphere

Anonymous said...

happy besday to nizhama too..:)