Monday, September 28, 2009

Best Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is the must have product for baby cares nowadays. It will give you the peace of mind while leaving your baby in his/her room. Best Baby Monitors will give you the guides you need before making your final decision to purchase a baby monitor.

Generally there are three kinds of monitors: audio, video and movement.

The most popular one is the audio monitor. The audio monitor has a transmitter that you put at your baby’s room, and you will receive the sound from the receiver, giving you the alert if your baby cry or make any noise. These products will have a fix receiver that need to be plugged into power’s wall socket. However most of them nowadays have a rechargeable mobile receiver, allowing you to carry it with you.

The range of the monitors are differ depend on many factors. Of course the price is one of the important factors. The more you spent, the more you get. Interference is less of a problem these days, as most models will now let you select from a range of channels to operate on, so if you do encounter interference problems, you can switch to a new channel to hopefully clear things up. Some units only feature two or four channels which you have to manually select, while the more advanced designs now have hundreds of channels which will be selected automatically to minimize interference in the current conditions. The more modern monitors, like so much else these days, use digital technology. What this means in practice is a clearer signal, and an increased range of operation.

There are many models that allow you to talk to your baby through the monitor. This will help you to make your baby comfortable without leaving your room. Other models have nightlights or lullabies which can be set automatically or manually. Another common feature is temperature alerts which helping you to see how warm your baby room is.

A video monitor is more valuable for the extra security for your baby. You will actually see your baby on the TV screen built into the receiver. The most important thing if you want to purchase a video monitor is to make sure it has night vision capability.

Breathing and movement monitor is recommended for the best result. A pressure pad placed under the cot mattress, and alert you if something unusual happen to your baby. This may save your baby in the critical time.

The price is the final factor before purchasing your baby monitor. Compare between the products and make your final decision, but make sure your baby get the best one.