Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Back

After my last posting on March, I leave this blog completely. Today I make a fast visit and realise I must do something to this blog. This is the place where I know about writing in English -even in bad English- Internet, blogging, SEO ... But again, what must I write? I don't want to make this blog an online diary, writing about everything I do daily, I still need time to write in English...

Maybe the best thing I can do to this blog is writing about my making money online. I made a good earning in adsense recently, and now trying to involved more deeply. I made some sales on Amazon, one on Clickbank. Now I think is the best time for me to be an affiliate.

The first thing I will do is changing the appearance of this blog...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sorry Everybody... I'm Blogging At Another Place

Hi Everybody...

Sorry coz not update this blog for a very long time. In fact I'm more active online now, but not at this blog. I'm blogging on my own domain . You can reach me at my FaceBook too. In the same time I have more and more blogs just to monitize it later...

I will not let this blog go, I have a very special time with this blog. I learned how to blog here. I learn English here. I have courage to write in English here. My first Internet Money is from this blog, back to August or September 2008, I learned many many thing here...

I will blog at my new domain, but in my own major language, Malay's language. I was thinking to translate what I write there to English and put it here, but time always against us. Anyway I will think what the best thing for this blog.

Maybe I will use this blog to learn English more seriously. Maybe I will make this blog a VBlog, I don't know but I promise I will do something. Or maybe this blog will be my place for rumbling and write just anything, maybe something I cannot write at other place...

Now my most time online is to create a blog after another. Maybe this is not the best way to make money online, but it work for me. I have more than 10 blogs now which give me about 80 USD per month. I will make more and more and just hoping to make 100 blogs at the end of this year. Who know I will be another John Chow, but with a different way.

See you soon and sorry for not writing as much as I should.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gold Coins Gain

One of the great hobby is coin collection which is known as numismatics. This hobby combine between the fun and to discover the history behind every coins collected. Long time ago, this hobby is just for kings, but nowadays everybody can participate in this exciting pastime.

When you are deciding to collect the coins for hobby, the first thing you have to think about is your budget and the return on your investment. I just returned from one of sites which specialist in gold coin collection. Gold coins collection is the best investment if you want to be a collector. Gold is perhaps the world’s most liquid investment trading throughout the world daily. The market never closes and, as a result, you can buy and sell Gold in any country at any time.

Gold Coins Gain is the specialist in selling and buying gold coins or gold bullion. What make me interested with this site is their free gold guide. You will get this amazing guide just by visiting their site, which guiding you the information you need to became a gold coin collector.

Among the gold bullion coins is Gold American Eagle, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Gold Nugget and others. for more information, please visit Gold Coins Gain site.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freebies Com

Are there real freebies in this ‘money base world’? Maybe our fast answer is No, absolutely No. But wait. Before you make that statement, do some research. You are read this article on line, are you? There are many outlets who give you free stuff and yes, these stuff are absolutely free. Just perform a short search through Google or Yahoo or MSN and you will find thousands of free stuff outside there.

These sites give you free stuff by different ways. Some of them give you the real –physical- free good, 100 percent free, but you may have to pay for a shipping charge. The other site may offer you to get free products by filling a survey about the company’s products. You have to give your opinion etc, as a gift, they will deliver something mystery to your house. Another freebies method is free download. You are allowed the download the software, free ringtones, e-books, videos, MP3 and other digital products. You will find hundreds of sites offering the freebies, especially from the last method.

Free holidays are very popular among the adults. I’m myself have the ‘free holidays’ experience twice. Free books, cinema tickets and cash reward are very popular among the students. For children there are free stickers, free educational CD trials, books, games or free competition to win big prizes.

Freebies com offers you ten digital products daily.Starting first August 2009, for 30 days, there are ten different products everyday here, together with Amazon Best Deal and Amazon Best Seller. Additionally there are plenty of articles about self improvement published 3-4 times weekly.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Back Packs

What your first expression when you hear your friend has a baby? A gift for the newborn, am I right? If you’re looking for a baby gift, here are some ideas.

The first and most favourite baby gift has to be clothes. Many people are avoid to buy clothes before the birth because of the gender, but don’t worry. Some colours like white are gender neutral. The best baby clothes tend to be soft that makes the baby cosy and warm. However giving clothes is not unique because the majority will do the same thing. Your gift should be different.

Other favourite gifts are toys. Anyway it can be difficult to make decision which toys are the right for the baby. Mobiles and other brightly coloured toys can be a good choice. Educational baby toys will make the parents happier than regular one.

Try to think out of the box and try the unusual one. What about a cot, or a stroller, or maybe baby car seats. Baby cribs may be more expensive but if the parents are the close relative, you should think about it. Nappies, bath stuff or diapers is another option.

From other side, why not give the gift to the parents? A present for the parents will make them happy and they will know that someone thought of them.

One last idea: why not try the baby back packs? A baby backpack can be a huge help for the parents when carrying their child through the mall. Most kids love riding on their parents back as they can see more. Parents love it too because they will benefit from the hands free. Baby backpacks are more convenient than stroller in some case, like climbing stairs and in the crowded place. will guide you to get your best baby back packs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Best Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is the must have product for baby cares nowadays. It will give you the peace of mind while leaving your baby in his/her room. Best Baby Monitors will give you the guides you need before making your final decision to purchase a baby monitor.

Generally there are three kinds of monitors: audio, video and movement.

The most popular one is the audio monitor. The audio monitor has a transmitter that you put at your baby’s room, and you will receive the sound from the receiver, giving you the alert if your baby cry or make any noise. These products will have a fix receiver that need to be plugged into power’s wall socket. However most of them nowadays have a rechargeable mobile receiver, allowing you to carry it with you.

The range of the monitors are differ depend on many factors. Of course the price is one of the important factors. The more you spent, the more you get. Interference is less of a problem these days, as most models will now let you select from a range of channels to operate on, so if you do encounter interference problems, you can switch to a new channel to hopefully clear things up. Some units only feature two or four channels which you have to manually select, while the more advanced designs now have hundreds of channels which will be selected automatically to minimize interference in the current conditions. The more modern monitors, like so much else these days, use digital technology. What this means in practice is a clearer signal, and an increased range of operation.

There are many models that allow you to talk to your baby through the monitor. This will help you to make your baby comfortable without leaving your room. Other models have nightlights or lullabies which can be set automatically or manually. Another common feature is temperature alerts which helping you to see how warm your baby room is.

A video monitor is more valuable for the extra security for your baby. You will actually see your baby on the TV screen built into the receiver. The most important thing if you want to purchase a video monitor is to make sure it has night vision capability.

Breathing and movement monitor is recommended for the best result. A pressure pad placed under the cot mattress, and alert you if something unusual happen to your baby. This may save your baby in the critical time.

The price is the final factor before purchasing your baby monitor. Compare between the products and make your final decision, but make sure your baby get the best one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I know I'm late, but better late than never, so :